How to use the Search Engine Marketing Channel

If you have a website, it can act as a passive marketing tool for you by drawing people to your site via search engines like Google. 

Once there, you can encourage them to engage with you further. The process of getting eyeballs to your website via search engines is known as “Search Engine Optimisation” or most commonly as “SEO”

There is a vast amount of information on this and a thriving industry of consultants.  Whether you do your own SEO or hire a consultant, you will benefit from knowing the basics of SEO

We have brought several resources together here.  Yellow Belt

Level 4: Marketing

  How do you teach a consumer to choose YOUR product or service over those of your competitors? With YOUR specific issue in mind, select the area below that best fits. Note: Campaign, Skills Module or Leader’s Briefings signup may be required for some articles If the objective of your business is to sell more […]

Social Media, Sales Growth, SEO & Silence

SEO Optimisation: All it Takes is a Little Know How SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimisation. So what is it? It’s the practice of increasing a website’s visibility within search results by following a well-defined sequence of steps. Once complete, SEO optimisation brings more potential customers to your website More people […]

5 Whys Meets Sales Funnel

The sales funnel concept refers to the process of tipping sales “leads” into the top of a “funnel”.  They then progressively move through the sales process ideally converting them to a sale at the bottom of the funnel.

The 5 Why technique is a method of working our why something is not working or has gone wrong.  As there is a great deal of uncertainty in the Sales Funnel process, applying the 5 Whys to sort through the unknowns can be useful.  yellow belt

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