Staff Management; both Yourself and Others

Staff Management Covers an Enormous Area Staff management is crucial to the sustainable operation of your business. Labour is often one of the largest costs in a business.  Its is also often a relatively fixed cost so can have a big impact of profit during a downturn. Managing staff successfully is the key to a […]

Management Accounting Suggestions

In this article, we discuss some of the common improvements that can be made to small business management accounting bookkeeping systems to make them more useful for management accounting and performance measurement purposes. The usefulness of many of the tools and discussions in 12Faces rely on the quality and nature of the small business  management […]

Accounting Terminology Translator

Accounting reports have many different phrases to refer to the same things.  They vary between countries and even between accountants.  12Faces has adopted a standard terminology for our materials.  However, if you or your accountants use a different terminology, the list below will assist translating from yours to ours.  yellow belt

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