Cost of Over and Under Stocking

In a manufacturing or retail environment, having too much inventory of products your customers don’t want and/or too little inventory on hand of what products your customers do want will cost you money and, consequently, profit.  Many service businesses also have inventory even if it is items like stationary incidental to their main operation.  This article  shows you why under and over stocking costs and how to reduce the damage.

Management Accounting Suggestions

In this article, we discuss some of the common improvements that can be made to small business management accounting bookkeeping systems to make them more useful for management accounting and performance measurement purposes. The usefulness of many of the tools and discussions in 12Faces rely on the quality and nature of the small business  management […]

C4.1 Turnaround90: Rapid Stabilisation of a Business in Trouble

Many businesses, both large and small, hit tough times and often don’t survive. If you are experiencing tough times, this article examines methods of (1) Rapidly stabilising your business and then (2) Turning around, a business that is experiencing a tough patch.  It is designed to carry out within a 30 day period of intense activity. The turnaround will happen as quickly as possible. 

Rapid Turnaround in 30 Days (T90) is one of 12Faces’s business strategy training plans. (yellow belt).

Dice Games Simulate Profit Game

READY TO PLAY A GAME? SIMULATE YOUR PROFIT GAINS. Throughout 12Faces we talk about several different Workflow and Inventory Models. The Simulation Dice Game will quickly give you an impression of HOW these models work in practice. Think that YOUR business doesn’t have a Production Line? That this doesn’t apply to YOUR business? Restaurant – raw […]

SM2.11 80/20 Inventory Management

If inventory is something you have to manage in your business, the The Amazing 80/20 Rule Tool can have a powerful impact on Profit and Cashflow.

This is a Yellow Belt article.

SM5.4 TOC Drum, Buffer, Rope Optimisation Techniques

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) demonstrates the importance of finding and managing the constraint in your business. 

This article covers three of the major techniques to optimise any production system around its constraint.

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