Is Your Marketing Plan Audience Specific to Your Business?

Don’t have a marketing plan? Is your plan outdated? Scan through the following articles and select the ones that will increase your Revenue. 

Are You Attracting Customers Who Buy?

Gaining customers and leads but not able to convert them to buyers? Overhaul the areas below to find out which are not working optimally in your business. 

Suggested Solutions To Business Problem Diagnosis

Suggested Solutions to your business problem

How to Implement a Treatment for your Diagnosis

To learn more on how to use 12Faces tools to resolve the issues raised in your Diagnosis, click More Info.

Marketing Plan List of Treatments

Can your business afford procrastination? Act on the following articles and find out how to create a Marketing Plan that will suit your business. Or find out what the problem is with the one you currently have. Don’t have the time to undertake marketing? No problem we can assist you to engage a contractor. Email us

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Scrutinise Your Marketing Now

Thoroughly scrutinise your business marketing and watch your Revenue grow. Gain leads who are focused on your products/services and convert them to buying customers.


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