Marketing and Sales Funnels Introduction

Sales Funnels Introduction

What are Marketing and Sales Funnels and how do you build and optimise them for the greatest results? Are your sales “leads” converting to Sales and increased Revenue?
The articles and links below will resolve the problems with your Sales and Marketing Funnels. 

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Performance

Double your Sales and triple your profits. Move your sales and marketing “leads” through your funnels to become purchasing clients. Then maximise the lifetime of these customers.

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What Are Marketing Funnels?

Marketing Funnels/Channels direct people who are interested in your product, “Leads”, into the very top of your Sales Funnel. The link in the heading above will take you to articles about how and why to build a Marketing Plan. Already have a marketing plan? Then, decipher the enormous number of marketing channels and learn which will be the best for your business. They involve both Digital and Non-Digital styles. For Non-Digital scroll down to the list of articles below (Marketing Channels) or for Digital leads go to Lead Generation with Digital Marketing.

What Are Sales Funnels?

Sales Funnels guide prospective buyers by giving them gradual knowledge of your products/services. As the prospective customer moves through your funnel they gain greater information about your business and your product. The aim is to keep them moving through the funnel until they become a buyer. Not only a once off customer but a return customer.
Go to the articles below for further information.

How to Build and Optimise a Sales Funnel

Using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) will help you optimise your Sales Funnel, moving potential buyers (leads) through your sales system.
SM5.3 TOC to Optimise Your Sales Funnel, will take you through this process. This is included in the Course link below SM5.0 Theory of Constraint.
SM2.10 80/20 Sales Growth; Double Sales, Triple Profits will also address this topic. This is included in the Course link below SM2.0 80/20 Principle

Tools for Managing the Sales Funnel

Learn how to build Lead Funnels to manage the flow of leads through your Sales Funnel.
This link covers both digital and non-digital methods.

Funnel Analytics: Measuring Performance

Monitoring and measuring performance is a crucial step toward a successful and sustainable business. Set targets to ensure that your funnel is working to its optimum for your business.

Lead Generation With Digital Marketing

Tuneup your website, learn about website metrics, Adwords, Social Media, SEO, Landing Pages, re-marketing, eCommerce and more.

Read More on Marketing & Sales Funnel Development and Optimisation

SM5.0 Theory of Constraint (TOC) Find Remove Bottleneck

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an important optimising technique that focuses on improving the throughput of work at the (usually) single bottleneck or constraint in the workflow.  

This Skills Module draws together a number of the 12Faces articles on the subject.  One research project demonstrated that 89% of improvement in a manufacturing business came from the application of TOC. Yellow Belt.  button LMS subscribe

SM2.0 80/20 Principle – Double Sales, Triple Profits

Introducing the 80/20 Principal The 80/20 Principle asserts that a minority of causes, inputs or effort usually lead to a majority of the results, outputs or rewards. Taken literally, this means that 80 percent of what you achieve in your job comes from 20 percent of the time spent. This …

Marketing Channels: How to Choose the Best for Your Business

The term Marketing Channel refers to avenues that you can use to direct people, who may be interested in your product (called Leads) , into the very top of your Sales Funnel.  From here, they move down stages in your Sales Funnel while you try to convert them to customers who buy from you.  This is an introductory article to assist you to begin to shortlist suitable Marketing channels. Yellow Belt.

5 Whys Meets Sales Funnel

The sales funnel concept refers to the process of tipping sales “leads” into the top of a “funnel”.  They then progressively move through the sales process ideally converting them to a sale at the bottom of the funnel.

The 5 Why technique is a method of working our why something is not working or has gone wrong.  As there is a great deal of uncertainty in the Sales Funnel process, applying the 5 Whys to sort through the unknowns can be useful.  yellow belt

Optimise Your Marketing and Sales Funnels Now!

Profits low and sales slow? Work through the articles and links above. Not sure where to go from here?  Contact us for assistance.


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