Two Thirds of an Iceberg is Hidden Under Water!

Sadly, your accounting system is probably not making valuable information very obvious.

You have to do accounts for tax and compliance purposes.
You think this is just an expense you have to live with.

But, properly diagnosed, these accounts can tell you much, much, more about your business.

Did you know there is a vast amount of additional, valuable information hidden in your normal accounting reports?

So unpack it and understand how to monitor business performance with our easy to understand TrendBoard and ChangeBoard Analysis Tools

Find Hidden Business Performance Diagnostics!

Here is just a taste of the extra information hidden in your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports:

  • Is there a chance of my business failing in the next 12 months?
  • What will my projected profit be 1, 2 and 3 years into the future?
  • I am having trouble finding cash to pay wages and suppliers?  What is ruining my cash flow?
  • If I sold my business right now, how much will I get?
  • Is my use of labour getting better or worse?
  • and that’s just the start!

TrendBoard is designed to be easy to understand. Information is displayed in graphical format for easy comprehension.  And there are accompanying quick reference materials on how to understand what the graphs are telling you.

In addition, TrendBoard comes with a free ChangeBoard tool. This tool tells you what impact a change in Prices, Sales and Overhead Expenses will have on your Profit.  You can model changes and get an instant impact appraisal of the changes you make.  (Tip: a study showed an average 11% increase in Profit for 1% increase in Price!).  This helps you decide what changes to focus on first for greatest impact.

TrendBoard Business Performance Screenshot

As an example of how TrendBoard displays information, see the snapshots below. 

Monitor Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Data for Business Trends

TrendBoard uses past data to check on your business’ health and monitor business performance. Because change can happen at different speeds, it accepts annual, quarterly and monthly data from your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and displays any significant change.  You see all the information at once and can compare across time periods.

TrendBoard is flexible on when information is loaded, but most timely results occur when information is loaded monthly.

The process only takes a few minutes and involves copying a dozen numbers from your accounts into the TrendBoard.  No calculations are required on your part.


Additional Business Health Trends Tools Included

Built into your TrendBoard Subscription is a free subscription to our Diagnostic System and the special TrendBoard Diagnostics Service.

Our Diagnostics let you ask simple questions like “why is my profit falling”.  You then use your intuition to choose the most likely answers from the range offered; and repeat the ‘drill-down’ process until you get to our suggested Treatments for what ails your business.

This combines your understanding of your business, and our Diagnostic resources, to help you quickly and easily arrive at potential solutions. 

Despite how straightforward TrendBoard is, you might like to have some assistance the first few times while you get used to using the systems.

Even elite sportspersons use and benefit from Coaches.  A good Coach will see your business from a different perspective so they give you fresh insights into how your business can be improved.  They can also help to explain management terms and systems you are not familiar with. We offer an on-demand Coaching Service. You book only when you want the service.

Alternatively, you might like to involve your own internal or external accountant and bookkeeper.  That is fine with us.  We often work with the business’s accounting professionals.

You are welcome to ask us questions about TrendBoard.  

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