C4.2.1.3 Selecting a Problem to Fix

After working through the two previous topics, you now have a list of issues that are, or seem to be, causing your problems in your business.

Here, they are grouped into several topics.

  1. Select the topic of most interest (say Cash flow Problems) and
  2. Move to that Lesson to begin the steps for fixing your problem/s.

These steps line up with the 12Faces of good business management. This is the way all information in 12Faces is grouped.

Choose your starting Lesson(s) from the following. You will eventually touch on all of them but start with the most likely problems first.

  • Cash flow problems – 6. Improving Cash flow when money is short.
  • Revenue problems – 3. Short term Income increase steps
  • Gross profit Problems – 4. Improving your Gross Profit by controlling Operating Costs.
  • Overhead Cost problems – 5. Improving your Operating Profit by Overhead Cost reduction.

You might have identified problems like:

  • Staff related issues
  • Can’t grow the business
  • Not enough time to get things done.

These are longer term issues which are not covered here. 90 days is not enough to work on these issues. Once finished with this Campaign, you can find a catalogue of relevant solutions by going to the Diagnostic System. Drill down the path to the problem you have.

Make a note of which of the 4 Problems you will use. Before going there, go to the next section. Here you will learn how to prioritise work and how to get things done as fast as possible.

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