Who is Turnaround90 for?

This Campaign is designed for failing business turnaround90. Businesses that are beginning to fail and need to act quickly to slow down and reverse this process.

Consider this to be the same as when accident victims are taken to hospital. The Triage Team quickly:

We follow the same process with your business in this Campaign

Failing Business Turnaround90 Project Goals


The 90 day period will empower your team with the idea that rapid activity and rapid results are possible.
A team can work more actively than normal in a “sprint” for 90 days if they know that there is a goal/target/destination at the end of that 90 days.

In this case, the goal is survival.

Later, our other campaigns can be implemented to get you back on track with your journey to Sustainable Business Success.

Failing Businesses are all too Common

Some experts report that up to 50% of businesses fail in their first year.

And it is not limited to the small end of town! Major US banks and car makers have spectacularly failed or been driven into bankruptcy.

Unexpected external events like Covid 19 or natural disasters can also wreak havoc; often with little or no notice.

Your Business may not Survive

Your business may be too far gone or the business environment too harsh for your business to survive.

If you face this situation, we discuss how to manage the process of getting out of your business.

Or, you might “pivot” to a different business model based on what you have learnt and manage your way out of your problem. We discuss how to manage that process.

Managing the Stress

It’s very likely that this will be a very stressful time for you.

If you are working on a failing business turnaround90 and realise it is not working. All the associated time, money and ambitions can be very depressing.

We are not skilled in the area of managing the emotions that arise at such a stressful time. We do counsel you to get expert assistance if you feel overwhelmed by the situation.

Failing Business Turnaround90: Easier Than You Might Think

As you get into this Campaign you may think:

You might be very surprised to see how little things need to change for you to Double your Profit.

Have a look at Case Study 1 in the Public introductory article for the Optimise100 Campaign: C2.0 Optimise Your Business Enterprise in 100 Days.

By increasing Revenue by 5% and decreasing Costs by 5% our example shows a 54% increase in Profit.

Tools to Help you

We have a family of tools available to you if and when you need the particular solutions they offer. You can learn more about each of them under this link to our Toolkit menu. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with them.

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