Introducing the GamePlan System

Home Business Owners are Busy People! So we have developed a routine for getting more done faster using the “Work Smarter, not Harder” mantra.  This is our rapid introduction to what to do and how to do it to get you working smarter straight away.  Sections link off to more advanced discussions as you get better […]

Realistic Small Business Planning (NID52)

Conventional business planning methods often don’t suit small business owners. But it is important to know where you’re going and why, and that your strategy is sound. We have developed a planning system we think is better tuned to the needs and realities of small business. Let me outline the concepts of our small business […]

Business Planning Resource Kit

Many small business owners don’t have a lot of interest in business planning.  And that’s probably understandable because traditional business planning is designed for large and stable businesses.  That approach does not reflect the realities of small business life.  So conventional business plannings doesn’t bring a lot to the table for all the work involved. […]

Small Business Strategy Consultant and Coach

24/7 Strategy Solution for Small Business In a big business, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has the vital role of strategy coach and tracking what’s going on and using that information to recommend future strategy. Most likely, you are too small to afford a CFO on staff at the moment! So you are missing out […]

How to Grow a Business in Stages

Many people write about how to grow a business as though it was a single process; irrespective of the size and nature of the business. That’s not the case.  Different skills and priorities apply at each business size increment.  Select your business’s size from the following list for relevant 12Faces resources. The stages chosen are: […]

GamePlans for Business Life Cycle Stages

What Stage in The Life Cycle is Your Business? Businesses go through various Life Cycle stages that reflect what you, the owner, want out of the business. Is your business starting up? Or, are you wanting to grow it?  Maybe you want to slow down a bit and benefit from the lifestyle that your business […]

Developing and Executing a Business Plan

Do You Really Need a Business Plan, You Ask? Every business leader must take control of the design and implementation of the direction for their business. Developing a Business Plan is the first crucial step toward this.   If are you selling your business, a different type of Plan is important to ensure you get the […]

How to use Adwords to Test your Business Strategy

Adwords for Strategy

An alternative and very useful way to use Google AdWords is to test the viability of proposed new business directions on the internet.  Properly used, AdWords can bring buyers to test pages where you are testing new products, methods, prices and any other variable that you are uncertain about. Blue Belt

Introduction to Ratchet Methodology

Home Building a Sustainable Business The 12Faces Mission is your Sustainable Business Success (SBS). Here we expand on our approach to establishing and maintaining sustainability in your business discussed in our Mission Description. Briefly, your business is Sustainable indefinitely if you have an acceptable income, acceptable workload and acceptable stress. We use the term “Ratchet” […]

Using Ratchets to Build Sustainable Business

Home Tune Your Business PerformanceLow Risk Steps to Ratchet Up Improvement Big Leaps Forward are Part of your Business Success Just as Important is Sustaining those  Improvements Our Ratchet System Ensures Best Practice Improve Your Business at Your Own Pace and Direction All Part of our Mission for Your Sustainable Business Success Don’t Slip Back. […]

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