D4: Business Systems

How to Use Systems in Your Business

Good systems make running a business much easier.  The amount of work can be reduced and it can often be done by more junior staff following “the system”.  Also, a good “system” can dramatically reduce mistakes because staff follow a well tested formula. Are you having problems with staff carrying out tasks in different ways, creating confusion? Are some tasks taking far too long, re-creating the wheel each time they are carried out? Start working through this catalogue. 12Faces has collected a wealth of knowledge for you to improve the flow of your business. This in turn will improve the profit and sustainability of your business. New staff members will slot in seamlessly as they follow the systems. Outcome – less stress for you and your staff.

How to Build Risk Management Systems

Everything a business does is risky to some extent.  It’s one of the things business people have to live with on a continual basis and the willingness to shoulder more risk is one of the things that separates business owners from employees.  Learn how to build Risk Management Systems in this...

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