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Home Speeding Up Success Business success is about innovating and reducing problems as quickly as possible.   Traditionally, this has just been a journey with no clear end and no intermediate points where you check progress and reconfirm the direction is still correct. The software industry found this approach led to frequent delays and over-budget problems.  […]

Hiring First Managers

This article discusses hiring your business’s first managers and supervisors.This typically starts to happen in what we have called the Small Business (5-19 Staff) phase of your business growth journey. We begin with refreshing your mind on some of our other discussions on the affordability, timing and budgeting for staff. Then we look at some […]

Hiring Staff: When and Who

Learn about hiring staff, the decision about when to hire your next member of staff and what positions to consider first.  This article is aimed, primarily, at owners hiring their first few staff members. But additionally, it suggests a thought process and habits that will be useful even when your small business becomes larger. The […]

Redundancy Planning

Reducing the staff head count in a business is never a pleasant task – on either side of the desk. However, it is often a fact of life in business.  Down-sizing Staff is a very emotionally charged activity and requires a good understanding of the relevant legislation so that you do not find yourself in […]

Secrets to Streamlining Organisation Charts

In an organisation of any size that has been around for a while, your management organisation chart will most likely have a bad case of bloat.  This 12Faces Menu article looks at how you can trim your management tree down to its former trim glory. Yellow Belt

How to do Redundancy Planning

Reducing the staff head count in a business is never a pleasant task – on either side of the desk.  However, it is often a fact of life in business.  This article distills out some of the business wisdom on Redundancy PlanningYellow Belt

Human Resources Tip Bits

Human Resources is one of the essentials that make your business work.  Without people, it is most unlikely that your business will scale to any size.  This is a collection of pearls of wisdom, about employing and getting the most from people, distilled from many sources.  Yellow belt

Secrets to Staffing Your Business Menu

People make your business function!  Prominent business writers like Jim Collins say that the first step for a successful business is to “get the right people on the bus”.  This menu collects distilled wisdom on staffing related issues.  Yellow Belt

Secrets to Staff Bonus Plans

Paying staff a bonus or other incentive is a well tested method of improving their commitment to the business’ management goals. The secrets of the Staff Bonus Plans are revealed below.

Read this if: you want to know more about how bonuses should be constructed to drive the goals of the business.  Many bonus systems are not well thought out and don’t help to improve the things the owner/ operator really wants while costing money and raising the expectation of the staff.  Learn about a whole range of techniques you can use to to construct a workable set of goals for your business that focus on achieving what you want.

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Degree of Difficulty:  this is a yellow belt (introductory) article that should be useful to all levels of management experience. Yellow Belt

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