Get and Offer Help on Business Via the 12Faces Community Forum

It is often hard to get brainstorming help on business topics from staff, friends and family.  Perhaps they don’t have the necessary experience or you want an element of confidentiality.  A community forum of like-minded people is a great place to share questions and insights.

Maybe you need help navigating around the 12Faces Ecosystem.  Voice your issues on the Community Forum to get help.

Our Community Forum offers you the opportunity to read previous posts and submit your own.

You must be registered to use this forum but that is a FREE service.

If you are registered you must be logged in to the site. You will be asked to login if not already.


Community Forum advice is free but, by its very nature, it can’t be quality controlled.

Use the Forum to get general guidance but always think carefully before you apply the suggestions to your own situation.  Any advice can only be general in nature.  Always seek professional advice if the issue can have a significant impact on your business.

The Forum is a public forum.  Anyone can see your question and the answers.

If you would prefer a more private and confidential discussion, consider using the Coaching services in 12Faces.

For future reference

There is a Support@ 12faces link to zoho help system to create help tickets

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