Business Sustainability: Make Your Business Stable

Earn The Income You Want With Fewer Hassles!

Are you tired of working harder and want to work smarter? Business sustainability is a priority. Make your business stable and long term.

Keep reading to find out how to ACHIEVE:

  • The Income level you desire.
  • Reduce your Stress and Risk levels.

What Is Our Definition of a Sustainable Business?

The sustainable business resources focus on three positive outcomes:

  1. SUITABLE REWARD unique to you of:
    • Desired salary,  retirement and other benefits
    • “Toys” like cars, computers and travel to make life more fun
    • Profitability
  2. LESS STRESS – pay bills when due.
  3. QUALITY OF LIFE with a manageable workload.

How do I Get Started With Business Sustainability?

Register for FREE:

  • Lifetime access to the Sustainable Resources. 
  • No obligation and nothing to pay; ever!

Here is a Sample of 370+ Business Issues and 110+ Tests Covered!

Business Profitability

  • Cash Flow – the life blood of business
  • Reduce stress
  • Have money available to pay your bills
  • Setup “Piggy Banks” to pay bills when due
  • Business liquidity
  • Tools and Analytics
  • Boost your Accounts Receivable

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Improve inventory management
  • Reduce the 8 types of production waste
  • Powerful Gross Margin Analysis
  • Perfect stock levels: understand over and under stocking
  • Focus on the important issues – 80/20 Rule

Increase Revenue/Sales

  • Improve your Sales & Marketing
  • Expense reduction 
  • Find the best pricing strategies
  • Plan your product range
  • Customer retention strategies
  • Distribution channels and sales territory

Is It Worth the Trouble?

You decide but consider that:

  • Your business Profit CAN EASILY DOUBLE during the optimisation parts of the program. 
  • The natural sceptic could be affronted at the thought that the business we have been running all this time is even capable of much Profit improvement; let alone a doubling.

We can’t tell you how much extra Profit you will make from following 12Faces’ suggestions, every business’s circumstances are different.

The Case Studies following will give you some idea of what is possible on Your business sustainability journey.

Case Study 1

Figures for a small business.


      • $1 million in Revenue – improve this by 5% (5 cents for every current dollar) – not a big ask.
      • $250,000 in Operating Costs – reduce by 5%.
      • $580,000 in Fixed or Overhead Costs – reduce by 5%.

Profit = $170,000 – increases to $261,000 after improvements.

54% increase in Profit. Not too shabby!!

If we increase each of the improvements to 10% in this example, the Profit improves by 108%!

Case Study 2

Let’s use a simple hypothetical case study to demonstrate how all the steps we will cover can add up.


  • $1,000,000 in Revenue
  • 5% Profit before Tax = $50,000.
  • Costs are 95% of the sales = $950,000.
  • Labour, typically 60-70% of costs = $480,000.
  • Overhead costs (e.g. buildings, cars, labour) = $235,000.
  • Operating costs (e.g. goods for sale)  = $235,000.


Amount improved

Additional profit %

Product range tune-up



Location review



Operating Costs



Overhead costs (not labour)






Relieve bottleneck



Use Surplus capacity



Inventory tune-up


Improved sales



Pricing Review







From this realistic example, Profit went up by $75,000 to a total of $125,000.  This is a 150% improvement over the $50,000 present Profit.

Did any of these steps seem particularly difficult?

How Much Time Will it Take?

There are three steps you can choose:

  1. Optimise 100 Campaign course.
    About 100 days. This will strip off the barnacles that have accumulated on your business, that slow it down.  Normally, these savings go directly to your Profit line.  They are quick and fairly easy savings.  You can redo this every year as a ‘spring clean‘.
  2. Introduction to several management habits. These will change the way you work forever.
    • Save you time – focus on the important things.
    • Improve your systems and reduce waste in your operations; all day, every day
  3. ScoreBoard tools.
    Check the health of your business on a monthly basis in just an hour or so.  That way, your business stays stable and sustainable indefinitely.

The good news:

This is entirely self paced, it can take as much or as little time as you like.  

The actual sequence of events is not too important either.  We encourage you to do the bits you like first so you start to build up a bit of interest and speed.

You do this at your own speed.
BUT, given the goal is more Profit and less stress and workload, it is a process that is worth your attention.

A by-product is that our approach is laser focused on reducing the problem areas in your business.   
These are the ones you are always fire-fighting. So, getting rid of them automatically gives you more time in your life.

Will You Miss Out on a Sustainable Business?

Let’s assume you are not earning the money you would like from your business, despite working long hours under a lot of stress.

You have the choice of continuing to do that; at least until your business collapses!

Or, you could register for our FREE, no obligation, lifetime access to all resources. Build, then benefit from, stable business sustainability.

Consider this quote attributed to Ellen Pompeo starring as Dr. Meredith Grey in the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? 
Because it feels so good when I stop.
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