How to Boost Your Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable: “The process of collecting money your customers owe you.”  Failure to have this process working well leads to insufficient cashflow and is a major contributor to business failure.  Ignore it at your peril!  Yellow Belt 

How to Improve Cashflow Acceleration

A healthy cashflow is a major contributor to your business’s ability to survive and grow. Do you want to harness the power of your cashflow to grow your business?  Are you struggling to pay bills when they fall due? Speeding up cashflow can help with both these goals. Cashflow Acceleration discusses how you can accelerate your cashflow to improve the health and growth rate of your business. Yellow Belt 

How to Protect the Wealth your Business Generates

Your business is likely to represent a big part of your personal wealth.  Learn how to protect the wealth your business generates. Getting your wealth together is a lifetime of work so the last thing you want to happen is to lose it because of some foolish decision or unexpected event.  Yellow Belt

How to take Advantage of Compound Interest Accelerator

Basically, Compound Interest tells us that the longer the period you have placed an investment for, and/or the higher the rate of return or interest on that investment, the more it will amount to if you keep reinvesting the interest.  And it will grow faster and faster over time  (referred to as exponential growth) not just in a straight line. Keep Compound Interest in mind when planning your business and your life.  Yellow Belt

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