Business Analytics for Business Insights (NID51)

For many business owners working on the accounts is done with some trepidation. All those numbers are doing mysterious things and their stories only become clear some months after the end of the financial year when your tax accountant reports in. But your accounts can be your friend and can to do a lot more […]

Gross Profit Margin Analysis Boosts Profit Explained

Gross Margin Analysis opens the door to understanding the complex interactions between Revenue, COGS (Cost of Goods Sold or Operating Expenses) and Gross Profit.  It can be hard to understand why (e.g.) Revenue is going up but Gross Profit is going down!  Gross Margin also lets you measure the operating efficiency of your business and points out which components of your COGS may be declining in efficiency.  Bottom line, an improving Gross Margin is a good sign for improving profitability in your business.  Yellow Belt

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