SM2.9 80/20 Staffing

Labour costs are typically 50-70% of your operating costs so anything you can do to improve labour productivity is a good thing.  The 80/20 Rule can be applied to the issues around staffing so that your business can operate as effectively as possible.  Yellow Belt

Secrets to Staff Bonus Plans

Paying staff a bonus or other incentive is a well tested method of improving their commitment to the business’ management goals. The secrets of the Staff Bonus Plans are revealed below.

Read this if: you want to know more about how bonuses should be constructed to drive the goals of the business.  Many bonus systems are not well thought out and don’t help to improve the things the owner/ operator really wants while costing money and raising the expectation of the staff.  Learn about a whole range of techniques you can use to to construct a workable set of goals for your business that focus on achieving what you want.

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Degree of Difficulty:  this is a yellow belt (introductory) article that should be useful to all levels of management experience. Yellow Belt

How to Choose a Business Legal Structure

The best form of legal structure in which to place your business is something you should get legal advice on without doubt. It will vary from country to country. But it is important that you think about what you want from your structure so that, when you brief your legal advisor, you have a pretty good idea what you want. Once set up, business legal structures are cumbersome to change Yellow Belt

Guide to Intellectual Property in Business

Intellectual Property (IP) is the term given to intangible assets that have a value such as brand names, internet domain names, written materials, artwork and the like.

 Depending on the nature of your business, these can have considerable value and add a lot to your wealth.  Consider the value of the Coca Cola brand and the domain name for example.  Yellow Belt

How to do a Rapid Planning Outline When Uncertain

A project plan is critically important to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. They don’t need to be complex. This article demonstrates a quick way to assemble a practical project planning framework.  It is a Yellow Belt article.

Hiring Staff

People are probably the most important contributor to your business, getting the right ones on board will be a critical determinant of your business’ success. Hiring staff is a skill every business needs to perfect. Yellow Belt

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