Staff Management; both Yourself and Others

Staff Management Covers an Enormous Area Staff management is crucial to the sustainable operation of your business. Labour is often one of the largest costs in a business.  Its is also often a relatively fixed cost so can have a big impact of profit during a downturn. Managing staff successfully is the key to a […]

Pricing Strategies: How to Find the Best

Not Sure How to Price Your Products or Services? Base your pricing strategies on the knowledge of your business. Investigate the study below on how 1,200 major business increased their Profits with a small 1% price rise. Is Your Profit Stagnant or Falling? Research at 1,000 European companies showed a 1% price increase delivered an […]

Fixing Poor Sales Revenue

Poor and unsatisfactory Sales Revenue is a common problem for businesses.  A weakness in Sales Revenue will normally contribute to unsatisfactory Profit levels.  Since all Profit starts with a Sale, fixing poor Sales is a good place to start any remedial work on your business. Yellow Belt

LB1: Innovate1000: Double Growth Through Innovation

Your enterprise may be growing at present. But, you can be certain that innovation and disruption will erode what have been successful services or products. We see this at work all the time.

Years ago, videos came on a cassette tape. Then DVD’s and now streaming services. Your enterprise will decline without innovation. This innovation program will keep your enterprise thriving.

Innovation is a longer term project. Hence, Innovate1000. “Double Your Growth Through Innovation in 1000 days (3 years). Achieve this through innovative new products.

This is a blue belt topic.

Maximise Customer’s Lifetime Value for Profit

Powerful Customer Value Multiplier Kicks Profit 

Many businesses fail to understand the tremendous multiplier effect on their profit that properly grooming their clients can offer.  One of the most powerful multipliers on your profit can be the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customerYellow Belt

5 Whys Meets Sales Funnel

The sales funnel concept refers to the process of tipping sales “leads” into the top of a “funnel”.  They then progressively move through the sales process ideally converting them to a sale at the bottom of the funnel.

The 5 Why technique is a method of working our why something is not working or has gone wrong.  As there is a great deal of uncertainty in the Sales Funnel process, applying the 5 Whys to sort through the unknowns can be useful.  yellow belt

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