How to do a Tuneup and Improve Website Speed

Increasingly, your website is becoming an essential marketing tool and can often be a major sales tool as well.  Learn how to tuneup your website. When you designed your website, it probably represented the “state of the art” in your mind.  Over time, you will have fresh insights into what works, your competition on the search pages will change and your product emphasis may change.  Periodic tuning can keep your website healthy and doing its job.  This menu provides a list of activities to get more out of your website.  Yellow Belt

How to Improve Website Design

There is an entire industry focused on Website Design.  It is impossible for us to pass on all that information to you in 12Faces, but we can provide you with some notes on the types of things to take under consideration when designing a website.  Yellow Belt

Website Metrics

What gets measured is what gets done!  This is an old truism in business. You should be measuring the most important information for your website so that it is regularly re-tuned to move your business in the direction you want it to go.  This article discusses how to assemble a good set of metrics.

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