Secrets to Streamlining Organisation Charts

In an organisation of any size that has been around for a while, your management organisation chart will most likely have a bad case of bloat.  This 12Faces Menu article looks at how you can trim your management tree down to its former trim glory. Yellow Belt

Personal Development Tip bits

Remember the old saying “physician, heal thy self”. It means that before a doctor works on others, they should get their own life and health together. The same thing applies to working on your business.  You are going to be the ‘main mover and shaker’ in your business so, just like playing a musical instrument, your business is only going to be as good as you are. Advancing your personal development is a key factor.  Yellow Belt

Secrets to Staff Bonus Plans

Paying staff a bonus or other incentive is a well tested method of improving their commitment to the business’ management goals. The secrets of the Staff Bonus Plans are revealed below.

Read this if: you want to know more about how bonuses should be constructed to drive the goals of the business.  Many bonus systems are not well thought out and don’t help to improve the things the owner/ operator really wants while costing money and raising the expectation of the staff.  Learn about a whole range of techniques you can use to to construct a workable set of goals for your business that focus on achieving what you want.

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Degree of Difficulty:  this is a yellow belt (introductory) article that should be useful to all levels of management experience. Yellow Belt

How to Do Staff Bonus Plans

Paying staff a bonus or other incentive is a well tested method of improving their commitment to the business’s management goals.  How to Do Staff Bonus Plans examines ways of doing this that have worked in practice. Yellow Belt

Why Multitasking is not your Friend

The ability to, and the act of, multitasking is sometimes seen as a good thing. However, it can be clearly demonstrated that multitasking is an inefficient process that can contribute to waste in any business.  Yellow Belt

Peter Principle: Promotion to Incompetency

Laurence J Peters in his book “The Peter Principle” (Peters & Hull, 1969) argues that people are likely to be promoted until they reach a point where they are unacceptably incompetent.  At this point, they are unlikely to be promoted any further (at least in a well ordered organisation) because they are no longer competent and so remain at that level indefinitely.  The great worry about this is that they are incompetent at this level so the organisation is impacted by the presence of these incompetent people. Yellow Belt

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