Tell Your Business Legal Advisor What YOU WANT?

Business Legal Structures  The best form of legal structure in which to place your business is something you should get legal advice on, without doubt. But, it is important that you think about what you want from your structure. When you brief your legal advisor, you should have a pretty good idea of what you […]

How to do Profitable Start-ups

Many people are attracted to the idea of starting and growing their own business.This article goes through the process of how to start-up a profitable business. In most countries there are literally millions of Small Businesses and all of them have been started, at some point, by a person highly motivated and excited about starting their business. However, this is a highly risky and quite traumatic experience for many. In this article, we introduce several of the issues that a start-up needs to consider. We also suggest a far less risky approach to getting yourself into business. If you are starting either a business venture capital funded, high-tech, or business with out much business experience, the start-up techniques here can also help you. This material is at Yellow Belt 

What Business to Start

If you are aiming to start up a business, you are making a long term commitment of time and money.  Spending a little time now sieving through the possibilities looking for the best type of business to suit you will lead to the best long term outcome.  Yellow Belt

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