How to Manage Highest Paid Person’s Opinion – HiPPO & other Effects

When a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) is in play during staff meetings, it is doubtful that your enterprise is relying on data to inform decision-making. In fact, the HiPPO effect will be killing debate in your team meetings. Is your business making decisions based on what the HiPPO wants done?  Yellow Belt

Introducing the GamePlan System

Business Owners are Busy People! So we have developed a routine for getting more done faster using the “Work Smarter, not Harder” mantra.  This is our rapid introduction to what to do and how to do it to get you working smarter straight away.  Sections link off to more advanced discussions as you get better at […]

Using Weighted Scores Prioritising Technique

When you are faced with many alternatives, it can often be very hard to choose between them. They will be strong on some things and weak on others; but hardly ever the same things. The sort of problem you face when choosing a car or a new staff member for example.  A quick and effective way to work through such a maze is to use a Weights and Scores technique described below.  Yellow Belt

How to Use 5 Whys Problem Solving Technique

Five Whys and its sister Five Hows is a brainstorming tool that drives you to the reasons behind something happening when it is not obvious (5 Whys problem solving) or a desired outcome (5 Hows strategy). 

Yellow Belt article

How to use StrategyTrees for Effective Strategic Planning

Every type of Enterprise faces the need to develop a Strategy and then implement it.  12Faces has been doing this in its own businesses for many years and we have developed a very practical approach which we share with you here. This is a blue belt article.

How the Profit Flywheel Accelerates Your Business

This is the 12Faces structured roadmap to growing your business. We use the flywheel to explain the structure of the material. It is one of many possible roadmaps to growth. Use it as a suggestion tool to incorporate into your business planning. Yellow Belt

How the Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA) Cycle Builds Important Routines

The business world is full of uncertainty.  Many managers cross their fingers, build the planned addition to their business in its entirety, or their start-up, then launch it and pray.  The most common outcome from this approach is – failure or, at best, mediocre success.  Starting with the auto industry and then moving to the start-up industry, smart managers are dramatically reducing their risk by doing a series of experiments that let them “fail fast” and cheaply if their idea does not have legs.  This approach substantially speeds up the migration to a profitable new avenue for the business. Learn the process of the PDCA Cycle This is a Yellow Belt (Introductory) article.

SM2.2 80/20 Problem Solving

It is very common in business to be faced with a dilemma where you have a large number of alternative solutions to a problem.  It is unclear as to which are the major contributors to the problem, or the best way to go, to help you solve the problem.

80/20 Principle and the Theory of Constraints

This is 12Faces equivalent of Godzilla meets the Hulk! In our language it is the mixing of the 80/20 Rule, which promises up to 16x growth and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) approach, which describes the most liberating aspect of your production line.

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