Business Growth: Use MyDodeca for Sustainable Growth

Sustainable business growth is achieved by studying the 12 aspects of your business that govern success.  Speed up Business Growth by Optimising with the FREE MyDodeca Tool 12Faces believes there are 12 aspects to your Business and Personal Skills that govern the sustainable success of your business. It follows that not all of these are […]

Growing a Local Service Business depends on Headcount (NID48)

When it comes to growing your local business, it’s not just a matter of one size fits all for many types of business.  For these types of businesses, the main constraints and pressure points change with the staff Headcounts.  A good example are local service businesses that sell services to a catchment area around their […]

How to Grow a Business

Many people write about how to grow a business as though it was a single process; irrespective of the size and nature of the business. That’s not the case.  Different skills and priorities apply at each business size increment.  Select your business’s size from the following list for relevant 12Faces resources. The stages chosen are: […]

Introducing the GamePlan System

Home Business Owners are Busy People! So we have developed a routine for getting more done faster using the “Work Smarter, not Harder” mantra.  This is our rapid introduction to what to do and how to do it to get you working smarter straight away.  Sections link off to more advanced discussions as you get better […]

Business Success With Sprints

Home Speeding Up Success Business success is about innovating and reducing problems as quickly as possible.   Traditionally, this has just been a journey with no clear end and no intermediate points where you check progress and reconfirm the direction is still correct. The software industry found this approach led to frequent delays and over-budget problems.  […]

Business Changes Planning: How to Choose Next Step

When you are planning the next steps for your business improvement, there are usually several changes that you could choose from. You believe all these steps will improve your business on your path to Sustainable Business Success.  The problem is, it can be very confusing to decide which, of the many things that you could potentially do, is actually the next best step to do. This article provides a method for you to work out which is the best next step. Yellow Belt

How to use StrategyTrees for Effective Strategic Planning

Every type of Enterprise faces the need to develop a Strategy and then implement it.  12Faces has been doing this in its own businesses for many years and we have developed a very practical approach which we share with you here. This is a blue belt article.

LB2: Business Plans

Many businesses will benefit from having a Business Plan.  
They can be complex but it is possible to structure a fairly straight forward plan that suits your business. 
We offer a Yellow Belt (beginner) introduction and later some more advanced Blue Belt (intermediate) suggestions.

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