Business Analytics for Business Insights (NID51)

For many business owners working on the accounts is done with some trepidation. All those numbers are doing mysterious things and their stories only become clear some months after the end of the financial year when your tax accountant reports in. But your accounts can be your friend and can to do a lot more […]

Business Growth: Use MyDodeca for Sustainable Growth

Sustainable business growth is achieved by studying the 12 aspects of your business that govern success.  Speed up Business Growth by Optimising with the FREE MyDodeca Tool 12Faces believes there are 12 aspects to your Business and Personal Skills that govern the sustainable success of your business. It follows that not all of these are […]

Sensitivity Analysis: Experiment with Changes to Your Business

What is sensitivity analysis? Free tool shows impact of changes on business; instantly! Use this free Business Modelling Tool to see the impact of (e.g.):percentage change in pricechange in sales revenuestaff numbers changeAccounts Payable and Receivable change and the impact on cash flowimpact of changes on profitabilitychange on business selling pricewhat revenue do you need […]

Monitor Business Performance: Discover Your Business Trends

Two Thirds of an Iceberg is Hidden Under Water! Sadly, your accounting system is probably not making valuable information very obvious. You have to do accounts for tax and compliance purposes.You think this is just an expense you have to live with. But, properly diagnosed, these accounts can tell you much, much, more about your […]

Find Business Risk with Business DashBoard

What is Business Risk and why should you monitor with our Business DashBoards? Your Car’s Dashboard shows Progress and Warns of Looming Problems Smart Business Leaders use Business DashBoards to do the same thing 12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.Sustainable means on-going so you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health.DashBoard is our tool to be confident you […]

Business Health Check: Get Insights with Business Analytics

Your Car’s Dashboard Shows Progress and Warns of Looming Problems Smart Business Leaders use Business Analytics for the same reason 12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.Sustainable means on-going so you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health.We have a range of such tools you can choose from to be confident you have […]

Financial Sensitivity Analysis: ChangeBoard User Manual

Sensitivity The Financial Sensitivity Analysis is discussed in several places, under the heading ChangeBoard. Go to the ChangeBoards Introduction for more information. The data for the Sensitivity Analysis is added under the menu heading, Financial CB (for ChangeBoard). 12Faces have other types of ChangeBoards that appear in association with, for example, Sales data. Enter the […]

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