What is Business Risk and why should you monitor with our Business DashBoards?

Your Car’s Dashboard shows Progress and Warns of Looming Problems

Smart Business Leaders use Business DashBoards to do the same thing

12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.
Sustainable means on-going so you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health.
DashBoard is our tool to be confident you have your finger on your business’s pulse

The 12Faces Business DashBoards Cover Four Vital Roles

Monitor your Business Health!

Businesses are complex things.  When they are small, you probably have your finger on every pulse of the business.  But when they get bigger, more complex and more staff, it gets increasingly difficult to keep your eye on all the moving parts.

TrendBoard does that for you.

  • It monitors the vital information hidden in your accounting reports for unfavourable trends and colour highlights them for you
  • Because trends happen at different speeds, it monitors business risk every month, each quarter and the last four years.  This allows you to see both short and long term trends at a glance
  • It keeps an eye on many different performance measures including:
    • Cash flow and the efficiency of the cash flow cycle
    • Pricing: impact on Profit
    • Labour productivity
    • Return on your investment
    • Unseen increases in production costs
    • and many more
  • The trends are colour coded green or red (good and bad) so they are instantly obvious
  • Requires only a dozen or so numbers each month. Which are taken directly from your bookkeeping system
  • Easy to interpret: no accounting degree required
  • Areas that are drifting out of your comfort zone are backed up with our Continuing Professional Development tools. So you can quickly rectify looming problems

Find Weakening Performance in the same Month it happens with 12Faces TrendBoards

Business Elasticity shows Impact on Business Risk

There are lots of things that can impact on your businesses performance.  But most of them do not have a significant impact.

DashBoard identifies those levers you can pull, that have the biggest impact, and measures just how much impact they do have.

That way, you can keep focused on where the big gains can be made. Consequently, grow your Profits as quickly as possible.

Every DashBoard has a built in 12Faces ChangeBoard to measure the impact of change.
Go to the article: Experiment with Changes to Your Business; No Cost, No Risk
You can download a FREE sample of a ChangeBoard at this article.

Don’t Waste Time.  Business risk management will find and Improve the Areas of Greatest Impact on your Profit

Your Continuing Professional Development

As a business Founder, your business will only progress as fast as your personal skill and knowledge permit.

We think there are 12 aspects to managing a small business; and hence our name 12Faces

You won’t be equally good at all of them; and you don’t need to be.

But you do need to be proficient enough in all areas to be sure you are not the thing holding back your business.

A 12-sided geometric shape is call a dodecathlon.  We use the short form MyDoDeca to refer to your personal managment skill scorecard.

Use our tools to work out your MyDodeca and where you should focus attention with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

It all Wraps up in our Business DashBoard

Every DashBoard predicts ahead several years.  That way, you can see your Profit trajectory.
The 12Faces TrendBoard is also built into DashBoards

Then set next year’s budget as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Decide your target Profit for next year (based on the built in TrendBoard and ChangeBoard)
  2. Plug that target Profit into the annual budget built-into DashBoard. Instantly get monthly and quarterly budgets based on this annual one
  3. See what Revenue, Labour resources, Working Capital and a host of other variables you will need. These are based on your businesses performance to date
  4. Adjust your budget Revenue figure for your Profit goals so that you are confident your goals for next year are achievable
  5. That is it. It takes maybe an hour to get your budget plan for next year

Very Quick, Well Informed, Annual Budgeting

Then Business Risk is Monitored and Tuned with DashBoard throughout the coming Year

Business DashBoard Subscription

DashBoard is a Monthly Subscription

Once you subscribe to a monthly DashBoard subscription, you can cancel at any time and pay no more.
AND, if you are not happy with DashBoard during your first month of use, we will refund 100% of your payment.
But, we will ask you why so that we can improve the service.

Comes with Written Feedback

Each time you advise us you have completed a monthly update, 12Faces will check the indicators on your Dashboard and send you a written feedback report. This report will draw your attention to any issues you should be aware of based on the data you provided.


Test Drive Some of Dashboard’s Capabilities

Every Dashboard has a ChangeBoard and a TrendBoard built in.

  You can test drive these separately with FREE downloadable resources. Learn more about these parts of DashBoard

ChangeBoard Intro / TrendBoard Intro

DashBoard is a Monthly Subscription

Once you subscribe to a monthly DashBoard subscription, you can cancel at any time and pay no more.
AND, if you are not happy with DashBoard during your first month of use, we will refund 100% of your payment.
But, we will ask you why so that we can improve the service.

Stop Press

We are testing a new version of DashBoard.  We are offering this to a limited number of people. Register and stay 3 months, and assist us with constructive criticism on improving the product. In return, you will receive free access to DashBoard for those 3 months. This is a way of thanking you for your contribution to improving the product.
Applicants must have a turnover greater than $1million, be a company and have several staff to qualify.
This is a first in, first serve offerThe rebate may cease being on offer to new applicants at any time and without notice.
If you qualify and are interested, please email us on reception@12faces.business with your details and website

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