D12 Leadership Skills

How to Boost Leadership Skills

Many business leaders are technically skilled but are not as experienced with leading the staff in the business.  But, your leadership skills are essential.  You are the main leadership asset in your business.  It will not thrive without you.  There is a saying “the fish rots from the head”.  This means if you are not a good leader, no one else will be as effective as they could be.  12Faces has collected materials, within this catalogue, that will will help you become a better leader.  In turn, you will experience the benefit of the Sustainable Business Success opportunity for your business.

How to Manage Highest Paid Person’s Opinion – HiPPO

When a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) is in play during staff meetings, it is doubtful that your enterprise is relying on data to inform decision-making. In fact, the HiPPO effect will be killing debate in your team meetings. Is your business making decisions based on what the HiPPO wants...

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