Small Business Strategy Consultant and Coach

24/7 Strategy Solution for Small Business In a big business, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has the vital role of strategy coach and tracking what’s going on and using that information to recommend future strategy. Most likely, you are too small to afford a CFO on staff at the moment! So you are missing out […]

How to Grow a Business in Stages

Many people write about how to grow a business as though it was a single process; irrespective of the size and nature of the business. That’s not the case.  Different skills and priorities apply at each business size increment.  Select your business’s size from the following list for relevant 12Faces resources. The stages chosen are: […]

Business Goals: User Manual

Revenue and Reward Goals This graph indicates how the actual Revenue and Rewards results, for each quarter, are tracking against your estimated business goals figures.  You can also compare this years trend against last years actual for the year. Revenue and Reward Goals Data Entry The data for the Revenue and Reward Goals are entered on […]

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What is it?

Your competitors usually offer, essentially, the same goods and services as your own. Example: Consider retail grocery shops where every shop offers, by and large, the same product line.  To stand out from the crowd, the shop needs to differentiate themselves in the minds of the consumers. This is to bring buyers to their grocery store. “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) is the business term used for differentiating yourself from your competitors. If your business needs to be differentiated to stand out, you need to think long and hard about your USP as part of your strategy. Yellow Belt.

How to Choose a Brand Name

A brand gives your actual and potential clients a “hook” which they can use to remember that you exist. Every business has a business name and that is the start of their “brand”.   From there,  a business leader can develop a “personality”, or “brand identity”, for their business that is part of what attracts their customers.  This article introduces several useful external references that are worth reading to find your first, or next, “brand name”  Yellow Belt

How to Build a Positioning Statement for your Business

Positioning is a mission critical identity tool for any business.

Positioning is how you want to be perceived in the minds of your target audience.

Positioning is the behind the scenes structuring of an identity for your business. The customer is not aware of it, but it manages to convey to them “who you provide what service/product to”.

How to use StrategyTrees for Effective Strategic Planning

Every type of Enterprise faces the need to develop a Strategy and then implement it.  12Faces has been doing this in its own businesses for many years and we have developed a very practical approach which we share with you here. This is a blue belt article.

Your Business Strategy Support System

As Business Owner, you must lead Strategy

You have to lead from the front in this area
Who do you ask for advice when you don’t know and your staff can’t help?

This is a common problem – 12Faces has a family of Solutions

Strategy KnowledgeBase

Conundrum!  You want to grow your business but don’t have time to study! Separate the important Business Strategy “Wheat” from the packaging “Straw” Books and articles are an invaluable source of business strategy wisdom.  But they have many shortcomings: There is comparatively little “wheat” and a lot of packaging “Straw” you have to wade through […]

Strategic Campaigns

Successful businesses often have longer term, more strategic, improvement campaigns  Strategy Campaign Bundles to Cover Common Strategic Thrusts  These collections of strategic opportunities from ProfitSavvy are bundled together with a specific outcome in mind 1. My Business is in Trouble, tell me about Turnaround90 If you have a serious accident, you visit the hospital emergency Room They […]

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