Small Business Strategy Consultant and Coach

24/7 Strategy Solution for Small Business In a big business, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has the vital role of strategy coach and tracking what’s going on and using that information to recommend future strategy. Most likely, you are too small to afford a CFO on staff at the moment! So you are missing out […]

Growing a Local Service Business depends on Headcount (NID48)

When it comes to growing your local business, it’s not just a matter of one size fits all for many types of business.  For these types of businesses, the main constraints and pressure points change with the staff Headcounts.  A good example are local service businesses that sell services to a catchment area around their […]

Business Growth

Growing Your Business But Not Sure Where to Start? Business growth necessitates an organised and systematic approach to planning and execution. During the time your business has been operating, work flows will have grown up and inherited various inefficiencies.  Planning and Execution of Business Growth The links below will take you through the steps for […]

Micro Business Planning

A micro business (1 to 4 staff) is often the first time the business owner has needed to manage people; other than themselves. While the owner was doing everything by themselves, not much planning was necessary because things could be changed easily.   Once the owner has staff, there are new responsibilities on the owner to […]

Simple Free Online Business Plan Template

The Most Successful Businesses have a Plan But Business Plans are time consuming to put togetherOur online template lets you quickly build an easily updated PlanIts level of detail grows along with your experience and your business so it’s never outdated There are a host of factors like: Sales, IT and Production that have to be juggled […]

C3.0 Introduction to Grow your Enterprise in 365 Days Course

The third of our signature 12Faces courses is a Growth Strategy Over One Year.  This course builds on the rapid optimisation carried out during the course C2.0 Optimise Your Business Enterprise in 100 Days (Optimise100).

This Growth Strategy is designed to work with the various types of enterprise we service: 

For-profit, Public Sector and NFP

Each of these enterprises will likely want to grow something.

For Profit are interested in profit and/or revenue growth.

Public Sector and Local Government are interested in serving a greater number of clients better within their budget constraint.

NFP may want to raise more money to sponsor good works and/or service more clients within the available budget.

Generally, we speak of Profit in this course.  And that is of interest even to organisations not seeking to maximise profit.  These organisations will want to maximise growth while not making a loss; the other side of the profit coin.

Rather than write about the goals of each type of business each time, we generally refer to the process a for-profit business will follow. This is just as applicable to the various types of NFP.

To continue to grow, we discuss how to increase your revenue so that more money goes to your profit bottom line.  Since this is a slower process, we will allow ourselves 12 months to achieve it.  Nevertheless, these two combined are likely to more than quadruple the profit of your business in just 15 months.

The techniques discussed in this training course, “Grow365″ are designed for growth businesses.  They might be a relaunch of an existing business or a startup

This introduction to the course outlines the process with links to relevant articles. The next stages links are also at the bottom of this article.

LB1: Innovate1000: Double Growth Through Innovation

Your enterprise may be growing at present. But, you can be certain that innovation and disruption will erode what have been successful services or products. We see this at work all the time.

Years ago, videos came on a cassette tape. Then DVD’s and now streaming services. Your enterprise will decline without innovation. This innovation program will keep your enterprise thriving.

Innovation is a longer term project. Hence, Innovate1000. “Double Your Growth Through Innovation in 1000 days (3 years). Achieve this through innovative new products.

This is a blue belt topic.

How the Profit Flywheel Accelerates Your Business

This is the 12Faces structured roadmap to growing your business. We use the flywheel to explain the structure of the material. It is one of many possible roadmaps to growth. Use it as a suggestion tool to incorporate into your business planning. Yellow Belt

Do You Really Need A Business Plan?

Many businesses will benefit from having a Business Plan, but, depending on the Life Cycle Stage of your business, this may or may not be a good idea. They can be complex but it is possible to structure a fairly straight forward plan that suits your business. When is a Business Plan Advisable Business Plans are certainly advisable […]

How to do Profitable Start-ups

Many people are attracted to the idea of starting and growing their own business.This article goes through the process of how to start-up a profitable business. In most countries there are literally millions of Small Businesses and all of them have been started, at some point, by a person highly motivated and excited about starting their business. However, this is a highly risky and quite traumatic experience for many. In this article, we introduce several of the issues that a start-up needs to consider. We also suggest a far less risky approach to getting yourself into business. If you are starting either a business venture capital funded, high-tech, or business with out much business experience, the start-up techniques here can also help you. This material is at Yellow Belt 

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