Manage Workflow and the Local Optima Problem

It is a very widely held belief in business that each station in a production line should be working as hard as it can in order to maximise its efficiency. This might be a car assembly line or an accountant’s office processing tax returns using several different stages in the accounting process.  In other words, each stage is working at its Local Optimum.  Generations of Cost Accountants have encouraged this and spend endless amounts of time trying to split, for example, the cost of electricity over each work stage in the production cycle. This is probably seriously flawed thinking.  Blue Belt


KPI and OKR for Team Guidance

Throughout 12Faces Accelerator Programs, we give you a great deal of “homework” to do.  So much, in fact, that it can seem overwhelming and you just grind to a halt at the prospect.  This is not just you; its the normal response when faced with a lot to do. 

This article is a Yellow Belt tool to help you manage all the “stuff” to do.  A more powerful approach has been developed for managing e.g. massive software projects.

It is variously called “Agile” or “Scrum” and we will discuss it more in a Blue Belt article.

Business Success With Sprints

Home Speeding Up Success Business success is about innovating and reducing problems as quickly as possible.   Traditionally, this has just been a journey with no clear end and no intermediate points where you check progress and reconfirm the direction is still correct. The software industry found this approach led to frequent delays and over-budget problems.  […]

Mission Control

This is a Placeholder. More information will be added soon. Mission Control is our computer and mobile app to co-ordinate all the activities of your business between staff.  It covers daily ToDo tasks, weekly and fortnightly sprints and longer term quarterly and 3 year GamePlans. It is part of our “Work Smarter, Not Harder” family […]

How to Prioritise Work

Home Every business leader is invariably faced with the fact that there are more things to do than the time available to do them. It is also true to say that not everything to be done has the same level of priority. This article makes suggestions about how to prioritise work to have the greatest […]

Business Changes Planning: How to Choose Next Step

When you are planning the next steps for your business improvement, there are usually several changes that you could choose from. You believe all these steps will improve your business on your path to Sustainable Business Success.  The problem is, it can be very confusing to decide which, of the many things that you could potentially do, is actually the next best step to do. This article provides a method for you to work out which is the best next step. Yellow Belt

LB3: Quick Goal Setting for Time Poor

Goals for your business are critical, otherwise, how do you know where you are heading?  But, if you are not used to setting goals for your business, the first few times can be rather overwhelming.  There is a lot of advice on what they should look like. The range of choice in targets and directions can be so overwhelming that you just never get started!  This article walks you through a very simple way to get started with goal setting that will see 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals set in under 1 hour!Yellow Belt

Tips on Productivity & Motivation

Increasing Productivity & Motivation is key to Growing Profit Growing Profit is normally one of the principal goals of business and we have a mass of advice to assist with this goal. Every Manager has a number of ‘Levers’ that they can ‘pull’ to Grow Profit.  12Faces collects and distils out the best advice on how […]

How the Plan/Do/Check/Act (PDCA) Cycle Builds Important Routines

The business world is full of uncertainty.  Many managers cross their fingers, build the planned addition to their business in its entirety, or their start-up, then launch it and pray.  The most common outcome from this approach is – failure or, at best, mediocre success.  Starting with the auto industry and then moving to the start-up industry, smart managers are dramatically reducing their risk by doing a series of experiments that let them “fail fast” and cheaply if their idea does not have legs.  This approach substantially speeds up the migration to a profitable new avenue for the business. Learn the process of the PDCA Cycle This is a Yellow Belt (Introductory) article.

How to use Time Management Skills Tools

There is one thing that every business person will tell you they are short of.  That is TIME!  Time Management Skills is a way to drive a wedge into, and free up, more time.  So much so that you will, rather bizarrely, find yourself with nothing to do from time to time.

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