12Faces simplifies achieving Sustainable Business Success with six repeatable steps designed to move you forward to your chosen business destination.  The ratchets you put in place along the way reduce the chances of backsliding any point. 

Each step is outlined here and you can jump straight to it via the menus

1. Visit Emergency Room if Necessary

Sometimes your business is in difficulty! Rather than waste time on detailed planning at this stage, you should consider our 90 Day recovery template to stabilize your business; then you can get started on more detailed planning towards your Sustainable Business Success. In such cases always remember our advice is only general in nature as we don't know your business. ALWAYS seek professional assistance when necessary.

2. Choose your Business Destination in 3 Year's Time

Just like a car trip, you have to be clear on your Destination before you start else you don't know how to prepare. You can factor in your workload preference, the present and desired business size and whether you want to continue to grow, settle at some comfortable level so you can have a good lifestyle or sell and exit the business.

3. Plan the Next 3 Month Step towards your Destination

In what will become a regular planning cycle, you decide on what you want to focus on getting right in the next Quarter. We show you how prioritize what to do next. And how to execute that Plan for reliable outcomes. Steps 3 to 6 are known as the PDCA Cycle and we show you how to use it to your advantage.

4. Do the Tasks in the Next Step towards your Destination

You will already know how to do some of the necessary tasks. Others you will need some help researching. Our SBS Diagnostics and SBS Resources can help with those.

5. Check on Progress and Change Course if Necessary

We know that some things you try won't work out as expected. It is inevitable in any business. We show you how to have a regular routine to check on progress and find, and adjust for, any elements of your plan that don't work out as expected.

6. Adjust Operations at the end of Each Planning Cycle

At the end of a 3 month Planning cycle, you make any adjustments to your operations necessary to keep your business running at optimal performance. Then you Rinse and Repeat the process; all the time getting closer to your chosen Destination.

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