Many apps can share information with each other.  This improves the usefulness of both of the integrated apps.

There are two ways to do this described here.

Owner Managed Integration

With this approach, the owner logs into both apps and gives permission for the two apps to share information.

This can be inconvenient as the owner will have to do on their own machine every time it is necessary.  It often means a video conference between us and the owner to talk the owner though the process.  

It can also mean that this has to be repeated every time access is required.  We might be tuning your system as part of our service but need you to log in each “tuneup”

BrightLocal Client access

Your BrightLocal app will be set up to allow the client to integrate their Facebook and Google Business Profile accounts themselves using the password 12Faces will supply.  Alternatively, the client can give us admin access using the instructions below.

At the present time, the client can not integrate their Google Analytics account into BrightLocal themselves.  If this is required, 12faces will have to be set up as an admin in Google Analytics.

User Permissions for Integration

The alternative is to give us “user” permissions so we can log in ourselves. 

The advantages of this approach include;

  1. you have control over what changes we are permitted to make
  2. you can remove us at any time
  3. we can’t change your particulars and passwords
  4. you only have to do once and we can access the app as often as needed 

If you choose to do this, the method for each of the most common integrations follow.  You only need to do the ones relevant for a particular integration; not every one in the list.

Google Business Profile Integration

The Google Business Profile (GBP) is a very important search engine asset and may require extensive work to make it work as well as possible.  Access may also be required to integrate its review collection tools with other reporting and review admin tools for the purposes of Reputation Management.

The process for adding us as a user is;

  • Done by Owner on their own machine at any time.
  • Advise them of the process and explain that we can’t delete the account.
  • Owner to open the GBP as “manager”
  • Click 3 dots in top right corner of “Your business on Google” screen and select “Business Profile settings”
  • Select “managers” / “Add” / 
  • Insert the Agents email into account “”  A profile should show for Scott Williams.  Select that.
  • Assign as“Manager” 
  •  “invite” 
  • That will send the agent an invitation they need to accept
  • See more on this link

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics provides valuable information on the people visiting your website.  For this reason, it is a common integration.  It is also likely it will need frequent  modifications to have it work most productively. 

For these reasons, it is worth giving us access permission.

There are a range of permissions which explained on the link below.  We suggest the “editor” level of permission for us.

The process is;

  1. Login to Google Analytics by going to, and log in with your Google Account.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the lower left to access the Admin section
  3. In the Account column, click User Management
  4. Click the blue plus button in the top right to add a new user, then click Add users
  5. Enter the user’s email address
  6. Check the correct user permissions you want to share in the checkbox below
  7. Click the Add button in the top right

More information on Google Analytics Permissions on this link

FaceBook Integrations

If you have a Facebook page, you might want to allow us to;

  • collect, read and edit reviews
  • post content
  • admit other facebook users in “view” mode if your Page has access controls

Find the URL for Facebook Page

  • login and click “Pages” from the menu on the right-hand side
  • click on the required page from the list you manage
  • copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.
  • for video and illustration see this link

Give Admin Access to Business Page

  • Open Business settings.
  • Below Users, click People.
  • Select the person you want to give access to.
  • Click Add assets and select Pages.
  • Select the Page you’d like to share access to. Toggle on the tasks you’d like to grant permissions for. Or give them full control of the Page.
  • Click Save changes.
  • More information on this link

LinkedIn Integrations

If you have a LinkedIn Page, you might want to allow us to;

  • collect, read and edit reviews
  • post content
  • admit other facebook users in “view” mode if your Page has access controls

Find the URL for the LinkedIn page

  • go to your  LinkedIn Page
  • copy the URL for the page.  You can discard the part starting with the “?”.  The original link “”  becomes “”
  • email or paste the link to the recipient

Give Admin access to Business Page

  • go to the page and view as “admin”
  • go to settings in left-hand side menu
  • go to “Manage Admins”
  • “Add Admins” 
    • search for the users LinkedIn name
    • select the appropriate role.  “Content Admin” is possibly the most relevant
    • Save
  • advise the new Admin they have the role

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