C2.3.4 Optimise100: Time Frame & Scheduling

At the outset, we said that Profit doubling could happen in 100 days. How are your Project Management skills? Just how long it takes depends on several things: Project Management and the Profit Makeover Firstly, and importantly, will be the speed at which you can address the separate activities that are listed in this document.  […]

SM3.2 De-Stress Video

Watch this short 11 minute video on how to reduce the four main sources of small business owner/operator stress.

How to Double Your Personal Productivity in Under Two Weeks

There just never seems to be enough time in the life of a manager to
get all the things queued up in front of you done.

Do you know that feeling?

It doesn’t have to be like that though.

Two simple skills can make you up to 16 times more productive!

Read on to see how you can double your personal productivity in two weeks.

How to use Time Management Skills Tools

There is one thing that every business person will tell you they are short of.  That is TIME!  Time Management Skills is a way to drive a wedge into, and free up, more time.  So much so that you will, rather bizarrely, find yourself with nothing to do from time to time.

SM3.1 De-Stress

Stress is one of the major problems faced by business Owner/Operators.

There are straight forward ways, though, of reducing the 4 main contributors to this stress; and they do not take very long to implement.  We show how to convert “distress” to de-stress.

Typical stress points in smaller businesses are caused by:

  • People: hiring, firing, managing and motivating.
  • Time: finding time to get done all that must be done.
  • Money: earning a decent Profit and Salary and paying bills as they fall due.
  • Events: constantly changing scenarios and the associated pressure to handle them.

This article outlines ways of reducing these 4 types of stress and points you to resources throughout 12Faces.

Read this if: you are finding life as an Owner/Operator all too much and want to know how to re-assert your control.  Slow things down a bit reducing your stress levels.

Related to: Profit Autopilot, Time Management, People, 80/20 Rule, Theory of Constraints.

Media: Written articles and a video presentation.

Degree of Difficulty: Yellow Belt (Introductory).

SM3.0 How to De-Stress Introduction

Stress is All Around Us.  There is no doubt that many Owner/Operators work under considerable stress.  Sometimes this stress is constructive because we are excited and challenged by growing the business and/or making it more profitable.

But all too often, it comes about because events just overtake us and we find ourselves fighting off one alligator just to get attacked by another.  This stress is not healthy or helpful.  It leads to all sorts of physical upsets and is also often damaging to your relationships. button LMS subscribe

LB4: Getting Stuff Done When There is Lots

As a business manager, there is always more to be done than you possibly have time for.  If you want to work reasonable hours and have a life outside the business, you will have to prioritise what you do.  This article describes several techniques that can help you reduce the often seemingly overwhelming number of things you have to do to a more manageable approach.  If you don’t learn to manage the workload, you will find yourself flitting from one task to another and not getting much of importance done. This article is a Yellow Belt tool to help you manage all the “stuff” to do.  

Why Multitasking is not your Friend

The ability to, and the act of, multitasking is sometimes seen as a good thing. However, it can be clearly demonstrated that multitasking is an inefficient process that can contribute to waste in any business.  Yellow Belt

What Parkinson’s Law Tells Us about Wasted Work

Northcote Parkinson, writing in 1955, semi humorously proposed his ‘law’ that “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. This is very true.  Staff will often take as much time as is available to them to work on a project even though that might mean unnecessary embellishments. Even good staff do this because they want to seem to be busy and not slacking off. You have to learn how to judge been useful work and time-filling work. Yellow Belt

SM2.1 The Amazing 80/20 Rule Tool

Would you be interested in knowing a way to increase your productivity by 16 times!  

Got your attention?  The following material gives an insight into how this is possible.


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