Your Business Reflects Your Leader's Skill Set

What is Continuing Professional Development? Just like an orchestra conductor, as the Business Leader, your business will be a true reflection of your personal business knowledge and skills.  Others can help with the detail, but you control the heartbeat and direction of your business.

There is a huge amount of information on how to run your business.  Are you finding the volume available overwhelming?

Here, this information is distilled down to a selection of learning topics.  Then, you pick what you want depending on what aspect of your CPD you want to improve.

All materials are coded for degree of difficulty. This is done with our “belt” system (yellow, blue and black) for increasing difficulty.  Don’t sweat your present ability.  Just like in the martial arts, every manager started as a white belt.

Continuing Professional Development Focus on Business Leaders

  • We work for Business Leaders individually.  You are given frank, independent and useful assistance which works best when unfiltered by your staff.
  • Every business is different and every business owners priorities are different. Therefore, you are helped to work out your priorities. Then you are helped to attain your goals.
  • Has the pressure of work left good intentions unfinished?  We’ve been there!  Now, use the well known PDCA Cycle (Plan / Do / Check / Act) that contributed to Toyota’s remarkable success.  Use ‘bite-sized’ chunks of improvement in your business so things get finished.
  • You and your staff are incentivised with wins.  The Continuing Professional Development focuses on giving you frequent small wins.  Additionally, the flywheel effect means these small wins quickly add up to big improvements.
  • The other advantage of this approach is that, if something doesn’t work out, you have lost little time and resources. You can quickly regroup to get restarted.  Hiccups are inevitable (consider the COVID pandemic). This way, minimum damage is done and recovery is faster.

We’re Here For You

12Faces Learning Resources are dedicated to improving your business and your personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What Continuing Professional Development Learning is Covered?

We believe there are 12 faces to  the enterprise a Business Leader is running:

Six relate to the business.

Weaknesses in any of these areas will damage your business. Remember the adage “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link”.

  • Revenue creation like sales, pricing, product range
  • Operations like workflow, variable costs, inventory
  • Overheads like office costs
  • Systems like IT and accounting
  • People issues like motivation, hiring and
  • Finances like cash flow

Six relate to the leader and their team.  They are Continuing Professional Development areas to improve the personal skills required to run a successful business:

  • Decision making skills
  • Self management, like time management, working efficiently and effectively
  • Leadership of and by staff
  • Planning to maximise sustainable business success; however success is measured
  • Performance measurement to identify weak spots and measure their improvement
  • Workflow efficiencies, like wasted work, production co-ordination

You will be familiar with a Rubik’s cube and its 6 faces.  The challenge is to get the same colour on every cell on a face of the cube.  A 12 faced figure in geometry is called a Dodecahedron.  We refer to our 12 faced approach by the catchy term “Dodeca“.

In that spirit, you select from our CPD Learning Resources for whichever of the “faces” of your Dodeca need the most attention, RIGHT NOW in your quest for Sustainable Business Success.

Our Mission is to get each face of your CPD Dodeca showing green for good health.

12Faces docedahedron

How is Continuing Professional Development Delivered?

Our CPD Learning Resources are divided into three groups depending on their purpose and duration:


A Campaign is a structured course that will be run over several months, depending on the urgency and complexity of your businesses needs. They address such issues as:

  • Turnaround30 (T30): a month long plan to rapidly improve the health of a troubled business
  • Optimise100 (O100): a 100 day program to optimise your business growth, innovation and business exit campaigns

    These are month long projects designed to remedy a particular problem. They are intentionally short and focused, so as to be achievable in the time available to a busy Business Leader. You may be alerted to these problems from your progress through a Campaign above. Or you may be already aware of your problem and looking for a solution. Each Skills Module is focused on just one face of your Dodeca .


    Often you need a quick understanding of a topic that you will be discussing with a specialist staff member (say the Sales Manager) or an outside professional. The Leader's Briefings are designed to be a quick read that points out critical issues you can discuss with your advisors so you get a comprehensive response. They won't make you an expert but they will give you crucial insight into the topic.

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