GamePlan 1: Local Search Marketing Auditor

This GamePlan; connects and configures the BrightLocal Local Search Marketing (LSM) tool takes an inital benchmark of your current LSM rankings helps you prioritize what steps to take to improve your LSM for several factors including; Local SEO Rankings to show your success with your chosen keywords Local Search Grid results for LSM ranking in […]

How to Choose Service and Location Keywords

One of the most important steps when setting up a Local Services Digital Marketing strategy is to decide on; the search terms (keywords) that people will use to find you and  what geographic areas to focus on as your catchment area so you can be strong in the relevant search terms To get a video […]

Introducing Mission Control

12Faces Mission Control app is a one-stop tool that brings all the vital information on your marketing and business health together in one place and in a convenient format. Mission Control is purpose-built for Local Search Marketing businesses.  These are business that provide services to a local catchment area and wish to improve their marketing […]

Realistic Small Business Planning (NID52)

Conventional business planning methods often don’t suit small business owners. But it is important to know where you’re going and why, and that your strategy is sound. We have developed a planning system we think is better tuned to the needs and realities of small business. Let me outline the concepts of our small business […]

Local Area Marketing Nugget (NID44)

The following is a Transcript of the Video and Podcast on these buttons Local Area Marketing Video Local Area Marketing Podcast More Marketing Topics Nugget 44: Local Area Marketing Transcript Today, we’re going to talk about local area marketing. So there’s lots of different goals for marketing plans. This particular one is most appropriate for […]

Powerful Marketing with Google Adwords

The Google AdWords service offers you both a marketing media and a laboratory to test your marketing ideas and even the potential direction and viability of your start-up business. For a comparatively small cost, you can quickly get enormously valuable insights into your actual or potential market. Blue Belt

Marketing Channels: How to Choose the Best for Your Business

The term Marketing Channel refers to avenues that you can use to direct people, who may be interested in your product (called Leads) , into the very top of your Sales Funnel.  From here, they move down stages in your Sales Funnel while you try to convert them to customers who buy from you.  This is an introductory article to assist you to begin to shortlist suitable Marketing channels. Yellow Belt.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What is it?

Your competitors usually offer, essentially, the same goods and services as your own. Example: Consider retail grocery shops where every shop offers, by and large, the same product line.  To stand out from the crowd, the shop needs to differentiate themselves in the minds of the consumers. This is to bring buyers to their grocery store. “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) is the business term used for differentiating yourself from your competitors. If your business needs to be differentiated to stand out, you need to think long and hard about your USP as part of your strategy. Yellow Belt.

Business Changes Planning: How to Choose Next Step

When you are planning the next steps for your business improvement, there are usually several changes that you could choose from. You believe all these steps will improve your business on your path to Sustainable Business Success.  The problem is, it can be very confusing to decide which, of the many things that you could potentially do, is actually the next best step to do. This article provides a method for you to work out which is the best next step. Yellow Belt

Fixing Poor Sales Revenue

Poor and unsatisfactory Sales Revenue is a common problem for businesses.  A weakness in Sales Revenue will normally contribute to unsatisfactory Profit levels.  Since all Profit starts with a Sale, fixing poor Sales is a good place to start any remedial work on your business. Yellow Belt

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