Project Management Tools

Think You Are Too Small For Project Management Tools? The project management tools below will give you and your staff confidence in your projects by building important routines. Every business is involved in projects, no matter how large or small. Additionally, these are likely to be one off. Heard About The Drum Buffer Rope Techniques? […]

Work Life Balance Strategies

Are You Struggling With Your Work Life Balance By updating your leadership and management skills and implementing work life balance strategies you will be amazed at the outcomes. Learn how to focus on the important issues. Then outsource those that do not justify the time you are spending on them. Leadership and Management Skills Are […]

Sales Funnel Stages: How to Monitor

Why Monitor? Monitoring your Sales Funnel stages is essential to maintain a sustainable business. Below are links to a number of 12Faces tools to assist with this. Website Maintenance is Key Google loves active websites. Maintain landing pages, evaluate the quality of your design. Is it keeping up to date with your competition?  Selecting Next […]

Management Accounting System

The Difference Between Management & Tax Accounting Do you receive your accountants reports after the financial year and discover that your Profit is non-existent, or lower than you thought? That is Tax Accounting. Alternatively, the Management Accounting System reports at a frequency that suits you (monthly, quarterly). As a result, alerting you to problems well […]

Improve Inventory Management

Are You Struggling to Keep Your Inventory Under Control? Inventory has a major impact on Profit and Cash Flow. Learn how to Improve Inventory Management for your business by clicking on the links to articles below. Do You Think Inventory Doesn’t Apply To You? Are you a service industry? Then inventory still applies. Look at stationery […]

Sales and Marketing: How to Improve

Are Sales and Marketing Overwhelming? Your business Revenue is declining but you are not sure why? Overhauling your Sales & Marketing is a great way to increase leads that convert, therefore increasing your Revenue. Sales Leads Declining? Rudderless Marketing Strategy? Not enough leads, leads coming to you but not converting – overhaul your Sales Funnel. […]

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