Are Sales and Marketing Overwhelming?

Your business Revenue is declining but you are not sure why? Overhauling your Sales & Marketing is a great way to increase leads that convert, therefore increasing your Revenue.

Sales Leads Declining? Rudderless Marketing Strategy?

Not enough leads, leads coming to you but not converting – overhaul your Sales Funnel. Want to get away from a poor Marketing strategy – master a Marketing Plan for your business. See below for the links to the fixes.

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How to Select the Next Diagnostic Step

To learn how to use the 12Faces Diagnostic Process to best advantage, click More Info.

What is a Marketing Plan: How To Develop One

Marketing is the management technique used to get potential customers to express interest in what products/services you offer. Good business Marketing means more Sales, more Revenue and more Profit. Learn what constitutes a Marketing Plan and tie together the overwhelming number of options available. Create a structured Plan and learn how to engage with the Marketing Channels that will work best for your business.

Design and Monitor a Sales and Marketing Funnel

Evaluate your Sales process. Are your potential customers converting to paying customers? Discover what is wrong with your current process by using the 5 Whys Technique. And then design, build and monitor your Sales Funnel.

How to Increase Sales Volume

Poor Sales Revenue is a common problem for businesses. Poor Sales Revenue contributes to an unsatisfactory Profit. Scroll to the relevant sales articles from this link. Learn the common reasons for falling sales and solutions if your customers are static or falling?

Customer Retention Strategies

Properly groom your customers and watch your Profit multiply! Do your customers have a short retention? You can’t get them to multiple spend on your products? Improve your sales and marketing at this link. Learn about Cash Cows; pricing strategies; 5 whys and sales funnel and others.

Outsource: Manage Sales and Marketing Specialists

Why outsource this area of your business? Sales and Marketing areas change at a rapid pace in today’s market. Particularly when considering Social Media and the web. Learn what the 80/20 rule says and what to look out for when choosing professional advisors. Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Budget For Your Required Sales Volume

Do you want to increase your Sales Revenue? The articles here cover how to fix poor sales revenue; how to plan for business changes; Google Ads to test marketing ideas and more. Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Marketing Productivity is Falling

There are several ways to measure the productivity of your Marketing efforts. Most explore the expenditure on Marketing divided by the Revenue brought in from that expenditure. If that ratio is increasing, you are spending more to get the same Revenue. Explore our range of possible solutions. Direct link to Courses are available at this link.

Local Marketing Performance Review

Many business draw thier4 customers from a catchment area surrounding their operations base.  Having a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your local marketing strategy can have a dramatic impact on your marketing success. Use these review tools.

Fixing your Local Marketing Strategy

Once you have an idea of the performance of your Local Marketing Strategy drawing customers from your surrounding catchment area, you can use our structured approach to improving your local marketing success.  

Course: SM2.0 80/20 Principle

Increase your productivity and sales by 16 times. Sound too goo to be true? Then read on and find out how. The 80/20 Principle literally means that 80 percent of what you achieve in your job comes from 20 percent of the time spent. Also, this can be applied to all aspects of what you do. Click the link above and see the example.

Course: SM5.0 Theory of Constraints

The Skills Module, Theory of Constraints (TOC), is an important optimising technique to improve the work flow through the constraint in your business. This is true of many businesses, not just manufacturing. TOC needs to become an ingrained habit.

Tools: Get Greater Insight With ScoreBoards  

Sustainable business means ongoing. For that reason, efficient business information systems are crucial. TrendBoard releases the secret information hiding in your accounting reports. ChangeBoard tests the impact of change on key levers in your business. For example, percentage change in price. MyDodeca monitors your personal business skill set.

How to use our Diagnostics

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Know of other Diagnoses and Solutions?

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