Marketing Plan: How and Why to Build

Is Your Marketing Plan Audience Specific to Your Business? Don’t have a marketing plan? Is your plan outdated? Scan through the following articles and select the ones that will increase your Revenue.  Are You Attracting Customers Who Buy? Gaining customers and leads but not able to convert them to buyers? Overhaul the areas below to […]

How To Succeed In Retail And Increase Online Sales

Succeeding In Retail Is All About Experience – Here’s What That Means Steve Dennis keeps reading that success in retail today is all about the experience. Some retail influencers whom he crosses paths with on the conference circuit often anchor their talks on some variation of customer experience being “the new black”. Whether he is […]

Leaders, Organisations: Inspirational Lessons

Profit Hides Lots of Mistakes When things are going good to great, businesses develop a gradual loss of focus, discipline and accountability. Basically, they become content, satisfied and less motivated to maintain optimal health in their organisations. In fact, our research shows that over 80 percent of businesses suffer from this condition, and it is […]

SM2.6 80/20 Business Analysis

We talk about the 80/20 Rule a lot in 12Faces.  This article looks specifically at how to analyse many parts of your business with 80/20 to rapidly improve productivity.  It is a mix of Yellow and Blue Belt

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