Secrets to Streamlining Organisation Charts

In an organisation of any size that has been around for a while, your management organisation chart will most likely have a bad case of bloat.  This 12Faces Menu article looks at how you can trim your management tree down to its former trim glory. Yellow Belt

Human Resources Tip Bits

Human Resources is one of the essentials that make your business work.  Without people, it is most unlikely that your business will scale to any size.  This is a collection of pearls of wisdom, about employing and getting the most from people, distilled from many sources.  Yellow belt

SM2.9 80/20 Staffing

Labour costs are typically 50-70% of your operating costs so anything you can do to improve labour productivity is a good thing.  The 80/20 Rule can be applied to the issues around staffing so that your business can operate as effectively as possible.  Yellow Belt

Secrets to Staffing Your Business Menu

People make your business function!  Prominent business writers like Jim Collins say that the first step for a successful business is to “get the right people on the bus”.  This menu collects distilled wisdom on staffing related issues.  Yellow Belt

How to do Change Management for Profit

Most people don’t like change!  As a business owner/manager, you probably have a much higher tolerance for the uncertainty of change than other staff.  On the other hand, you can’t change much just by yourself.  And changes you do implement have a disconcerting tendency to revert back to the old method as soon as you focus on something else.  Under this topic in our 12Faces Toolkit, we collect references to many change management techniques that will help you with your implementation.  Yellow belt

Peter Principle: Promotion to Incompetency

Laurence J Peters in his book “The Peter Principle” (Peters & Hull, 1969) argues that people are likely to be promoted until they reach a point where they are unacceptably incompetent.  At this point, they are unlikely to be promoted any further (at least in a well ordered organisation) because they are no longer competent and so remain at that level indefinitely.  The great worry about this is that they are incompetent at this level so the organisation is impacted by the presence of these incompetent people. Yellow Belt

What Parkinson’s Law Tells Us about Wasted Work

Northcote Parkinson, writing in 1955, semi humorously proposed his ‘law’ that “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. This is very true.  Staff will often take as much time as is available to them to work on a project even though that might mean unnecessary embellishments. Even good staff do this because they want to seem to be busy and not slacking off. You have to learn how to judge been useful work and time-filling work. Yellow Belt

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