People make your business function!  Prominent business writers like Jim Collins say that the first step for a successful business is to “get the right people on the bus”.  This menu collects distilled wisdom on staffing related issues.  Yellow Belt

Employees forYour Business

Chances are you are already familiar with hiring staff but, if not, or if your want to get a fresh opinion: 
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“Getting the right people on the bus” is an oft quoted business saying deserving of consideration.  Spending a bit more time selecting the right person, versus a quick decision just to fill the position, is likely to result in a more effective business team.

Workers Bonus Plans

Getting the right people on the bus is the first step, but retaining and motivating the best people also needs attention. One way to do this is through merit bonuses.  If they are designed to reward the “right” behaviour – whatever that might be for your business – they can help drive the bus in the right direction.  
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Reality Check Staffing Productivity

Even the best staff will slowly drift from best performance over time unless you periodically do a reality check on their productivity.

Some of the 12Faces tools in this area include:


As with all elements of business, you need a few reliable measures of how your staffing is going.  
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Some staff related metrics might include:

Labour Efficiency Ratio

Staff costs divided by profit will give the average profit generated by each staff member.  

It is not much use as a once off metric, but if you measure it (say) every six months, you will get a trend line that is much more informative.  Very often the trend will go down over time due to:

If you aspire to be a fast growing company, or at least an efficient one, you should be trying to get the Labour Efficiency Ratio trending up rather than down.  After all, any reduction in this efficiency means lost profits and they come out of your business-owner pocket.
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