Introducing Mission Control

12Faces Mission Control app is a one-stop tool that brings all the vital information on your marketing and business health together in one place and in a convenient format. Mission Control is purpose-built for Local Search Marketing businesses.  These are business that provide services to a local catchment area and wish to improve their marketing […]

Realistic Small Business Planning (NID52)

Conventional business planning methods often don’t suit small business owners. But it is important to know where you’re going and why, and that your strategy is sound. We have developed a planning system we think is better tuned to the needs and realities of small business. Let me outline the concepts of our small business […]

Small Business Strategy Consultant and Coach

24/7 Strategy Solution for Small Business In a big business, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has the vital role of strategy coach and tracking what’s going on and using that information to recommend future strategy. Most likely, you are too small to afford a CFO on staff at the moment! So you are missing out […]

Business Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools

Inundated With Business Problems? Are you struggling with the business problem solving process? Would you love someone to brainstorm these problems with? Learn about the 5 whys and 5 Hows and how to solve complex problems. Drowning In Demands On Your Time? Learn about the 80/20 Rule and prioritise the problems you are facing. The […]

Introduction to Ratchet Methodology

Home Building a Sustainable Business The 12Faces Mission is your Sustainable Business Success (SBS). Here we expand on our approach to establishing and maintaining sustainability in your business discussed in our Mission Description. Briefly, your business is Sustainable indefinitely if you have an acceptable income, acceptable workload and acceptable stress. We use the term “Ratchet” […]

Using Ratchets to Build Sustainable Business

Home Tune Your Business PerformanceLow Risk Steps to Ratchet Up Improvement Big Leaps Forward are Part of your Business Success Just as Important is Sustaining those  Improvements Our Ratchet System Ensures Best Practice Improve Your Business at Your Own Pace and Direction All Part of our Mission for Your Sustainable Business Success Don’t Slip Back. […]

Introducing the GamePlan System

Home Business Owners are Busy People! So we have developed a routine for getting more done faster using the “Work Smarter, not Harder” mantra.  This is our rapid introduction to what to do and how to do it to get you working smarter straight away.  Sections link off to more advanced discussions as you get better […]

Business Success With Sprints

Home Speeding Up Success Business success is about innovating and reducing problems as quickly as possible.   Traditionally, this has just been a journey with no clear end and no intermediate points where you check progress and reconfirm the direction is still correct. The software industry found this approach led to frequent delays and over-budget problems.  […]

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What is it?

Your competitors usually offer, essentially, the same goods and services as your own. Example: Consider retail grocery shops where every shop offers, by and large, the same product line.  To stand out from the crowd, the shop needs to differentiate themselves in the minds of the consumers. This is to bring buyers to their grocery store. “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) is the business term used for differentiating yourself from your competitors. If your business needs to be differentiated to stand out, you need to think long and hard about your USP as part of your strategy. Yellow Belt.

Sales and Marketing: How to Improve

Are Sales and Marketing Overwhelming? Your business Revenue is declining but you are not sure why? Overhauling your Sales & Marketing is a great way to increase leads that convert, therefore increasing your Revenue. Sales Leads Declining? Rudderless Marketing Strategy? Not enough leads, leads coming to you but not converting – overhaul your Sales Funnel. […]

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