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You can be sure if you have a problem with some aspect of your business others have faced it before you. The Q&A Business Forum component of 12Faces lets you tap into the collective wisdom of all its users to help you solve an issue.

Community Forum for Crowd-Sourcing Wisdom

There is nothing new under the sun!

If you have an issue, there will be others who have faced the same problem and might be prepared to share their experience.

What goes around, comes around and there might be times when you can offer suggestions to others who have a problem based on your own experience and knowledge.

Why might you need Q&A?

  • Small businesses in particular often have few staff and may not have the depth of experience to offer internal solutions.
  • Managers often have to be able to handle issues from all aspects of their business: not just the areas where they have technical experience.  A manager with accounting training may find themselves facing marketing questions well outside their normal area of expertise.
  • Larger companies with deep pockets can hire professionals and consultants to advise them.  Smaller businesses don’t often have the budget to do that.  No matter if you are a manager in a smaller or larger business, when you share the problem with others on a Q&A forum, you might get all sorts of useful advice – and for free.
  • The forums run 24/7 so, if the matter has some urgency, you might get feedback faster than available through 9 to 5 resources.

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Q&A advice is free but, by its very nature, it can’t easily be quality controlled.

Use Q&A to get general guidance but always think carefully before you apply the suggestions to your own situation.  Any advice can only be general in nature.  Always seek professional advice if the issue can have a significant impact on your business.

Q&A is a public forum.  Anyone can see your question and the answers.

If you would prefer a more private and confidential discussion, consider using the Coaching services in 12Faces.

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