Partner & Affiliate Program

Traditional Professionals are Trusted Advisors! We provide services to you and your clients via our affiliate program You are a trusted professional service provider to your clients  You might see issues in their business that need more attention They might ask you for a referral to someone who can help with a business problem In either case, […]

About Mentors, Coaches and Tutors

About Mentor, Coach and Tutor Support Groups

It can be lonely out there for managers.  Your friends and family may not understand what you do and the problems you face  and there are many things you can’t discuss with your staff or boss.  Business mentors and coaches can act as a helpful sounding board.  12Faces also wants to introduce a new concept about halfway between these two fairly well known types of support services.  We call the concept “Business Tutors“.

As a way of leaning more about how to improve the content and usability of 12Faces, we offer a free coaching service on our content.  With your help, we learn how to improve.  Read on….

Sustainable Business Success Nugget (NID31)

Nugget 31: Sustainable Business Success Transcript Every Business owner wants their business to be a success. And they want that Success to be long lasting or Sustainable.  Your Sustainable Business Success is our Mission.  We outline the concept in the attached podcast. No Video available Sustainable Business Success Podcast Introducing Sustainable Business Success How does […]

Sustainable Business Success Learning Resources

Following is a list of the Campaigns, Skills Modules and Leader’s Briefing articles that may be relevant to your business.Expect Campaigns to take a month or more to complete and Skills Modules around a month.Leader’s Briefings are articles that will inform you of further study that can be done. Campaigns A Campaign is a structured course […]

Learning Modules

There are common issues that arise in any business enterprise of the size we service in 12Faces.  To best help the owner-operators of these businesses quickly optimize how that particular aspect of their business operates, we have developed a number of Learning Modules that cover just one element in a short space of time; typically a month.  The idea is that you get a very quick solution to improving the area of interest and suggestions about how to further optimize when you have sufficient time.  Our philosophy is to rapidly focus on the 20% of things that will make 80% of the improvement in your  business functions then come back and finer tune selected areas when you have more time and resources.

Download Site

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our automated download site. We apologise for any inconvenience.We are happy to email the files to you. Please indicate the downloads you would like.  Click here for the link to email

The 12Faces Info Categories

The 12Faces is a buffet of distilled business wisdom presented in a manner that allows managers to quickly review what they do and don’t know about a particular issue they are facing and then ‘drill down’ to solutions to your problem. Most of the information in the 12Faces KnowledgeBase needs you to be registered to use it.  But there are plenty […]

12Faces’s Profit Growth Programs

Growing profit is normally one of the principal goals of a for-profit business.

There is a lot of material in 12Faces that will assist with this goal.

However, one of our fundamental objectives in 12Faces is to “distill out business wisdom” to save you the huge effort necessary to get your mind across all the various reading materials on the subject of profit maximisation.

Turbocharger is our special topic distillation of business wisdom on how to grow profits to save you a lot of learning effort and allow you to divert that time to directly focus on profit creation in your business.

Wide Range of Support Services

Get Support from 12Faces when you Need Help It can be lonely out there running a business! 12Faces has assembled several tools for you to seek advice and support from your fellow business operators. Here we provide you with: Q&A: a community forum where you can ask others for advice on issues of concern.  You […]

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