The 12Faces Info Categories

The 12Faces Info Categories

The 12Faces is a buffet of distilled business wisdom presented in a manner that allows managers to quickly review what they do and don’t know about a particular issue they are facing and then ‘drill down’ to solutions to your problem. Most of the information in the 12Faces KnowledgeBase needs you to be registered to use it.  But there are plenty of articles  publicly available on the site to let you get a taste for how you can use the KnowledgeBase to boost your profits. 

Our main focus is profit making so the information classification is skewed in that direction.

The solutions presented are continually updated so we can bring you the best distillations of the huge range of business advice confronting, and often overwhelming, managers. 

They have been stripped down to a streamlined approach so you don’t have to read and absorb a whole lot of books to get started.  We have grouped profit building techniques into collections that let you get started right away. 

You never have to read the same information twice.  We capture bite sized nuggets of business wisdom and show you how to build on your business management knowledge information.  These nuggets are cross linked from all over the Profit Accelerator.  If you are reading one thing and come across a reference to something you don’t know about, you can click on the link and it gets parked in a new browser tab where it stays until you read it.  If you already know that information, you can safely ignore that link.  No more repetition in your reading!

Because there will be knowledge that you should be aware of but don’t yet know (the “don’t know what you don’t know” group), we steer you towards this in the way we categorise our business management information.   

  • “Belts” – Using the well known approach of the martial arts, we categorise our material by degree of complexity.  Articles will be ‘tagged’ with one of the following: 
    • Yellow Belt is the introductory level and important for a general exposure to important concepts.
    • Blue Belt is a deeper analysis of the particular topic.
    • Black Belt is for those who really want to study the topic in depth.
  • Industries are the various types of industry – for example,  services, manufacturing and professions.  Many management techniques can work in any of these but we make it more applicable to your business by giving different, industry specific, examples
  • Tools are basic components of knowledge used widely throughout Profit Accelerator.  These are the building blocks that you can use and reuse to improve your business.  A very profound example is the The Amazing 80/20 Rule Tool  .
  • Recipes, in turn, are a distillation of the wisdom on a particular topic assembled in one article that can be applied to improve your business.  Examples include website design, inventory management and the sales funnel.
  • Menus are collections of Recipes arranged to present a series of steps towards solving a management problem you face.  We have several profit boosting menus in the Accelerator section of the site.
  • If you already know what you want, try the Search function in the top right-hand corner on every page to go directly to it

It doesn’t matter too much where you start the search process.  The 12Faces will direct you to a solution.

You can read more about our approach at 12Faces Leads Sustainable Business Success 

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