Sensitivity Analysis: Experiment with Changes to Your Business

What is sensitivity analysis? Free tool shows impact of changes on business; instantly! Use this free Business Modelling Tool to see the impact of (e.g.):percentage change in pricechange in sales revenuestaff numbers changeAccounts Payable and Receivable change and the impact on cash flowimpact of changes on profitabilitychange on business selling pricewhat revenue do you need […]

Find Business Risk with Business DashBoard

What is Business Risk and why should you monitor with our Business DashBoards? Your Car’s Dashboard shows Progress and Warns of Looming Problems Smart Business Leaders use Business DashBoards to do the same thing 12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.Sustainable means on-going so you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health.DashBoard is our tool to be confident you […]

Management Tools for Analysis

Learn About each Tool & Get User Access This is a list of the 12Faces Management Tools for Analysis and Performance Improvement. It covers products and services that can be used in your search for Sustainable Business Success. If you are looking for roadmaps to SBS, we list them in our Solutions Menu Click on […]

Cash Flow Management and Liquidity

Are You Finding it Difficult to Pay Suppliers? Cash Flow is the lifeblood of any business. Cash Flow management is crucial for the ongoing sustainability of your business. Reduce stress  Want to Grow Your Business? Business growth can be funded from either Cash Flow, debt or a combination of both. Cash Flow is a major […]

Key Business Indicators: Interpreting TrendBoard

TrendBoard Trend Analysis TrendBoard is our tool for visualising trends in your performance data so you get an early warning of any problems more on the ScoreBoard trend analysis tool here Key Business Indicators 12Faces is committed to helping you achieve Sustainable Business Success.Sustainable means on-going, you need monitoring tools to check your business’s health. Dictionary of Business Finance Terms In […]

Sensitive Analysis: Measuring Impact

 Sensitivity Analysis is the process of determining the impact a  fixed percentage change in the thing being measured has on the overall performance of something.  For example, a 1% change in product price had an 11% change in profit on average in 1000 European businesses.  For real life tests on your own data, search for our free ChangeBoard products.  Blue Belt

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