SM3.2 De-Stress Video

Watch this short 11 minute video on how to reduce the four main sources of small business owner/operator stress.

SM3.1 De-Stress

Stress is one of the major problems faced by business Owner/Operators.

There are straight forward ways, though, of reducing the 4 main contributors to this stress; and they do not take very long to implement.  We show how to convert “distress” to de-stress.

Typical stress points in smaller businesses are caused by:

  • People: hiring, firing, managing and motivating.
  • Time: finding time to get done all that must be done.
  • Money: earning a decent Profit and Salary and paying bills as they fall due.
  • Events: constantly changing scenarios and the associated pressure to handle them.

This article outlines ways of reducing these 4 types of stress and points you to resources throughout 12Faces.

Read this if: you are finding life as an Owner/Operator all too much and want to know how to re-assert your control.  Slow things down a bit reducing your stress levels.

Related to: Profit Autopilot, Time Management, People, 80/20 Rule, Theory of Constraints.

Media: Written articles and a video presentation.

Degree of Difficulty: Yellow Belt (Introductory).

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