Many Enterprises aspire to Grow

Growth means different things to different types of enterprise.

A for-profit business typically wants to grow profit. But, it might also want to grow its revenue and understands that profit might take a hit to finance growth.

A public sector enterprise will have a Growth goal to service more clients for the same budget line.

A NFP might have a growth goal to raise more funds and/or to provide services to more clients.

The 12Faces Grow365 Campaign is designed to help each type of enterprise grow.

Just like a car takes a while to accelerate to cruising speed from a standing start, so does a Growth Strategy.

One year (365 days) has been adopted as an achievable period.

Grow365 is intended for managers with any level of management expertise (yellow belt)

The Grow365 Campaign is customised for each business.
Please contact us at to discuss further. 

 Our advice is general in nature because we don’t know the specifics of your business.  For specific advice, always consult a professional



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