The Local Search Grid is the control centre for reporting on your search presence across the geographic locations you have selected as your catchment area.

Draft of 13/6/23

Based on the results displayed in your grid for each keyword and each locality, you should be developing a prioritized workplan using our Local Search Scorecard to improve your ranking position throughout your catchment area.

Over time you should see significant improvement in your ranking.  But keep in mind that the speed of change depends on the SEO tools you are using.  Some are cheaper and easier than others.  Some generate improvements faster than others.  Once again, our Local Search Scorecard is designed to guide you though this decision-making maze by highlighting the next step expected to make the most improvement.

Early on your journey with this tool, we encourage you to do a snapshot of your current condition using your best guess keywords and locations so you get a benchmark early on.

Then you can improve on local search aspects as fast as your time and budget allow.

To learn more about using the Local Search Grid we recommend;

  1. watch this video on the topic to get a quick feel then
  2. read though this article to expand on your understanding.


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