C6: Local Search Marketing Improvement

When Local Search Marketing is Important Local search marketing applies to any business that has a catchment area that draws clients into the business.  Examples abound but include; dentists, massage therapy, retail shops, restaurants etc. Local search refers to the process used by potential clients to find (“search”) for your business.  If they can’t easily […]

Check Local Search Marketing Performance

Rely on Digital Marketing to Bring in Local Customers?  You Need This! Many businesses draw customers from local areas by relying on search engine search results for relevant key phrases. Typical service businesses relying on Local Search Marketing to find customers include dentists, trade contractors, therapists and lawyers.  Typical retail businesses relying on Local Search Marketing […]

Providing Access for Integrations

Many apps can share information with each other.  This improves the usefulness of both of the integrated apps. There are two ways to do this described here. Table of Contents Owner Managed Integration With this approach, the owner logs into both apps and gives permission for the two apps to share information. This can be […]

Managing your Business’ Reputation

Your online reputation is a major determinant of customer interest in your business. Ninety percent of people read reviews before they buy and 83% trust what they read. Use our Reputation Management tools to track and repair your reputation to take maximum advantage of this important marketing opportunity. Watch this 1:41 minute video introduction to […]

Using Local Search Grid

The Local Search Grid is the control centre for reporting on your search presence across the geographic locations you have selected as your catchment area. Draft of 13/6/23 Based on the results displayed in your grid for each keyword and each locality, you should be developing a prioritized workplan using our Local Search Scorecard to […]

Local Search Marketing ScoreBoard

Local Search optimization needs to be a on-going routine because the many things driving successful ranking in search engines are constantly fluctuating. To make monitoring your local search success then planning and prioritizing your most effective next steps, we have developed our Local Search Marketing Scorecard. It gives you a visual, coloured, display of your […]

Listing in On-line Directories for SEO

One way to improve your search engine ranking (SEO) is to have a standardized listing in a number of online directories that are referred to as citations. Search engines use these citations as independent verification that you are who you say you are. Part of your 12Faces Local Search Marketing Audit package is citation tracking […]

Digital Marketing for Local Small Businesses

Local Search Marketing is a very important tool for local small service businesses which draw on a local catchment area to find new customers. Our digital marketing services are designed to be easy to use for businesses that sell services locally, like the building trade, health professionals, architects and accountants. Also, for retail businesses that draw […]

How to Choose Service and Location Keywords

One of the most important steps when setting up a Local Services Digital Marketing strategy is to decide on; the search terms (keywords) that people will use to find you and  what geographic areas to focus on as your catchment area so you can be strong in the relevant search terms To get a video […]

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