Partner & Affiliate Program

Partner & Affiliate Program

Traditional Professionals are Trusted Advisors!

We provide services to you and your clients via our affiliate program

You are a trusted professional service provider to your clients 
You might see issues in their business that need more attention
They might ask you for a referral to someone who can help with a business problem
In either case, we would value working with you to assist your client

To discuss working together to assist your clients to understand and grow their businesses, email us today 

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Four Product Ranges for a Professional Value-adding CFO Service

We have a range of wholesale and referral packages that appeal to your clients 

  • our Dashboard range of reality checks (referral or wholesale service to you)
    • TrendBoard: shows critical cashflow, safety, working capital trends over for periods and projects forward (request free case study)
    • SalesBoard:  shows the performance of the Sales Funnel
    • and others for specific life stages of your clients’ businesses
  • ChangeBoard business models (included with most Boards) to test profit and cashflow sensitivity to changes in the business allow you to model their impact
  • Value accelerating strategies:  pre-packed strategies including;
    • Turnaround90: 30 days rapid triage of businesses with problems
    • Optimize100:  100 day strategy to strip out accumulated “barnacles” in the business prior to commencing a growth strategy
    • Grow 365: strategies for year-long growth
    •  and others to manage disruption and plan for an exit sale
  • short, specific purpose, training modules for remediating problems (referral service)

Which Clients will benefit from 12Faces Services?

While you are welcome to use our products for any of your clients, we especially aim to provide assistance to;

  • medium sized small businesses with (say) 5+ staff and $500,000 + in turnover
  • operating as a company
  • advisory focused on the business owner
  • clients where the owner is technically competent but perhaps less experienced with CFO-type issues
  • lacks experienced managers in-house they can brainstorm with and rely on for CFO-like advice
  • wanting to better understand the reasons behind such issues as
    • falling profits
    • increasing working capital requirements
    • pressure from banks about viability
    • cashflow difficulties effecting ability to pay wages, interest, tax and super
  • interested in improving the profit and value of their business; perhaps with an exit sale in mind in the future

For more on tools to assist your clients to understand and grow their businesses, email us today 

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