10 Ways to Improve Cashflow

If you own a business and sales, or your top line, are growing at a rampant pace and you’re increasing profits each year, you’re certainly headed in the right direction.

But don’t put your guard down.

Even growing, profitable companies can be hit with cashflow problems if their finance, operations and/or investing activities aren’t running efficiently.

If you want to improve cashflow, think about implementing some of the following strategies(more here)


Pricing Strategies – How to Price a Product (Video)

What happens if you have found a product or service that people need, it is extremely valuable, but you are having a hard time deciding how much to charge for it?

Watch this video for 3 tips to price a product, not based on cost….(more here)


Double Your Personal Productivity in Under Two Weeks

There just never seems to be enough time in the life of a manager to get all the things queued up in front of you done.

Do you know that feeling?

It doesn’t have to be like that though.

Two simple skills can make you up to 16 times more productive!

Our headline says you can master them in two weeks but, if you really want to make your life a lot simpler and a lot more productive, you can blitz through them in 2 hours.

Most of the rest of the time is unlearning your less productive habits and ingraining the new, more productive ones….(more here)


How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Thrive

In business, surviving is not good enough. Keeping your head above water, so to speak, suggests your business is a disaster waiting to happen.

You’ve got to change what you’re doing so your business gets a different result.

Clearly, if you have started the year believing your business is in ‘survival mode’, it’s most likely behind the curve and you’ve lost control of its destiny.

It’s time to do things differently so you gain back the control….(more here)


5 Ways to Boost Your Business’ cashflow

Business is a game of revenue, profits and expenditures. If those metrics are out of balance, sustaining a business will prove difficult.

Even if your projections show a rapid increase in profits in the next four months, you may not be around long enough to witness them.

The challenge: You have to make enough money to stay open during that time, no matter how rosy the future opportunities you foresee for your company.

This is where cashflow comes in, it needs to be optimised.

Here are five ways to boost your cashflow to do that:….(more here)


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