12Faces Mission is to assist you towards Sustainable Business Success.  This process offers you a host of user benefits that will reduce your stress and workload.

Try us and see if we can reduce the day-to-day problems you face and make your business life more enjoyable. 

business solutions to help boost performance

It's Personal

The 12Faces team has been there as well. We know what you are facing. We know we can help you find a way out of the maze. 12Faces is designed to address the issues that Business Leaders like you face. We deliver to-the-point solutions designed to identify the problems, then suggest solutions then support you to implement the solutions of your choice.

We work exclusively for and with individual Business Leaders. Together, we can form a 'brain's trust' to supplement whatever other talent you have available in your business to make running your business more fun for you.

Better Cash Flow

Any one running a business knows there is a world of difference between the notion of profit and the reality of having of sufficient cash flow to pay your bills and wages as they fall due. Our tools measure the cash flow facts behind your accounting and bookkeeping P&L to clearly highlight why you might be having a cash flow problem.

Once a light has been shone on the issues behind your problem, 12Faces offers a suite of solutions that you can plug into reduce the cash flow problems.

Our solutions are intentionally structured in "bite-sized chunks" so you can quickly implement a particular solution, check the results and then do the next "chunk"; for and many 'rinse and repeat" cycles as you wish.

Bigger Profits

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with having a healthy profit! 12Faces has a portfolio of profit-increasing campaigns ranging from 30 days to annual and longer.

You choose the campaign suited to your business's stage in the life-cycle of business and we help you implement it; quickly and efficiently.

Focused On Success

Many businesses consider success to be increasing profits. As a Business Leader, you know that there are other measures of success like lifestyle, retirement planning or improving your community.

Once you define success in your own personal terms, 12Faces will assist you to tune your organization towards that goal. We are not forcing you down a single path.

Deeper Insights

Sadly many bookkeeping and accounting reports are borderline useless for day-to-day management! You might have managers in place for some functions but, really, how well is that part of your business doing? The incumbent manager is unlikely to blurt out any unpleasant truths until late in the downward spiral.

12Faces has a family of dashboard products that not only track what is going on but alert you to looming problems AND let you play around with "what-if" scenarios based on your actual data.

Change your data from an opaque and not very useful heap of figures to dashboards clearly showing problems and solutions.

More Support

You probably know all too well the truth of the old saying "it's lonely at the top"! There are many decisions and issues that you can't easily share with staff or family.

12Faces knows this so we have built a support ecosystem designed to help with everything from a simple "how to" question quickly answered to larger, strategic, issues that require more time and depth.

Suits Your Experience

No doubt you are good at what you trained for technically. But you might not be as experienced in management; especially as your business grows. You find yourself facing a whole new ball of wax your technical training has not prepared you for.

12Faces is your backstop!

Not only do we bring you highly applicable knowledge but we also pitch it to your present skill level so you can take advantage of it.

Just like the marital arts, we graduate our materials by 'belts colour';

  • Yellow Belt is Introductory Level material, easily understood and used by everyone.
  • Blue Belt is more advanced material. It will need more thought and not every business will need it. Certainly many small enterprises won't need Blue Belt materials or can use them selectively.
  • Black Belt is advanced material and used by advanced players.

More Free Time

There is a good chance you are like many other Business Leaders. You are flat out running the day-to-day operations and have little time to sit back and think about your business; let alone time to have a life outside of business.

This is a common problem so we have a family of solutions tailor made for you to pick the most appropriate and we work together to implement.

Less Stress

Poor cash flow, time management problems, low profit, people problems are all part of the life of a business owner. They will never go away entirely but they can be reduced to make it more fun to own and operate your business.

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